August 2003


Dear Beachbody,

I recently finished the program and can honestly say it has changed not only my physical appearance, but my view on how life itself can be enhanced.

I wrote down my goals as you had recommended. Number one on the list was to be free of the c-pap machine that had kept me breathing at night. I have suffered from sleep apnea for the last ten years. When I had finished the ninety day program I was down from 240 lbs. to 190 lbs. but I still required the c-pap. So I started a second [round of the] ninety day program and got down to 167 lbs. At the weight of 175 lbs. I could no longer use the c-pap machine even if I wanted to, because the machine was now giving me the opposite effect, it was keeping me awake! That one goal would have been enough, but I am pleased to say the other two were also met. To be able to carry my canoe and gear to get to the place's I went 25 years ago and, last but not least, to weigh what I did at graduation, 168 lbs. Yes, I remember what I weighed in high school because I was involved in track and field. The state meet was held two weeks after graduation and we always weighed in and out during workouts. Your program brought back a lot of good memories of how fragile we all are, and what it takes from deep down to accomplish our goals.

I'm fifty three years young now - and just realized a fourth goal I wasn't aware of has also been accomplished. It has extended my life. How do I sign off? With a thank you or sincerely yours?

Greatfully and Forever Indebted,

Pete P.

PS... Been canoeing, want to go?

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