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October 2003


Michelle age 29. I faxed the paperwork today but had submitted my story and photos last week. I am resubmitting them so they are coming in on the same day as the fax. I wrote my success story just like they are on the member locker page. Thank you Beachbody, you rock! ! ! ! !

I eagerly waited for the videos to arrive. I watched the infomercial over and over again. Once I got the tapes, I read all the information first. This program was designed with your average person in mind. Michi's Ladder is a great way to tell if you are eating the right food. I love the fact that red wine was in the first tier – yeah! ! That's when I knew this plan would work for me. It seemed tailor-made! I watched the videos once to see how hard they were before actually attempting the workouts. I then designed a workout chart that marked every day I was supposed to work out and created a place for my weigh-in each week. I placed the chart on the wall right beside my bed. I decided to think of this challenge like a college research project. I collected all my data – my weight, body fat, measurements – and took my first day pictures. Then I logged on to the website, signed up and posted my pics so I could be held responsible to myself and this program. I think the pictures were one of the biggest motivators!

The first day I did the sculpt routine I thought I was going to die. I did three pushups and none of the closed hand push-ups. On the lunge-squat combo I almost fell over and on the three part squats I did four of each. The next day I was so sore but I had made a commitment to myself. So I got on the chat and found so much encouragement to push play. I heard so many stories of success. I was pumped after my first chat session. I got offline and did my second-day workout.

The first day of cardio was very intense. Power yoga, where you swing your leg through, looks really funny when you tip over like a teapot. During knees-up I almost passed out cold; and forget the jumping jacks! Last but not least, the crunches - I could do about half. As the days went on the programs became less difficult. After about the fourth week I graduated to cardio 3-4 ... this is when the changes started happening. I realized if I did not smoke I could finish the workouts with less wheezing and more stamina. Since I worked out so late I did not drink any wine because I would get tired and then would not work out at the same intensity level. Because I own my own business, I set my own hours. I worked when my husband and son slept. I usually finish working at around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and then I would work out. This was the only time I could work out, so I did instead of making excuses. I never missed one workout, not even on my birthday. By the end of my 90 days I have lost 18 pounds and 17 inches. I went from snug size 12 to a loose size 8. I can see my abs – something I have strived for my whole life. I look and feel amazing, my depression gone, my business a huge success, and I owe it all to this amazing program. I have learned how to eat right, to stay healthy, and I still will every now and then indulge in some yummy dessert. I have made a commitment to have a Beachbody for life.

Tony, thank you! I owe this great body (that I stare at for hours in the mirror as I am flexing the muscles in my arms, chest, and stomach) all to you and Beachbody. I still cannot believe that nine months ago I had a baby and weighed a whopping 195 pounds of mostly fat. Tony, you transformed my body and my life. My new-found self-esteem has improved all aspects of my marriage. I also have more energy to keep up with my sweet little boy.

Thank you for designing a program that allows average people to get extraordinary results. I have told everyone I know about this program and will keep preaching the gospel of Beachbody. Steve the fitness advisor, I have read many threads where you have answered questions I had which made getting the answers so quick and easy. Beachbody, thank you for having the member lockers, chat room, and the message boards ... they have been a blessing.


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