Michael K.

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2003 Hawaii Trip


Michael writes:

Well, I thought I should elaborate a bit then.

I have been fat all my life. One diet after another, down the diet rollercoaster and then up again. Yo-yo dieting was the story of my life - I had tried ALL the fad diets there were: Atkins, grapefruit, cabbage soup, high protein powders, pills, elixirs, fat blockers, etc. None worked for the long term; short term success perhaps, but then the weight would go back on, usually more than what I had lost.

On my current weight loss trek, I started May 20, 2001, at 280 pounds and on oral diabetic medication, which was maxed out (my doctor threatened me with insulin if the oral meds still failed to control my blood sugar numbers). I dieted, following a well-balanced, low-cal diet, that is lots of veggies, fruits; lean meats in moderation, NO fried foods, etc. (of course, remarkably like the guidelines of Michi's Ladder!) By Sept. 20, 2001, only four months later, I had succeeded in losing 60 pounds (down to 220.) I was happy, but it was with skepticism, because I really expected to put it all on again...it was just a matter of time.

But then I found Power 90. Starting it on April 1, 2002, (managing to keep the 60 pounds off up through then by one hour walks everyday), I lost another 18-20 pounds by the end of the 90 days. But REMARKABLY I kept losing without really trying! Still doing Power 90 or Slim in 6, I got as low as 189 pounds! I guess my body was just trying to find an equilibrium point!

Over this winter, I tried to put on lean muscle mass, so I now weighed 202 - 206 daily, but I still wear the same pants I did at 189 pounds, so I guess I was successful at adding muscle. I did this through the precepts of Power 90 Sculpt, while still doing Power 90 Sweat, Power Half Hour, or Slim in 6 every morning in my hotel room (you may remember, I travel 100% for my job.)

Now, Slim Series is kickin' my butt! I love it! Everyday, I just push play! And I also throw in some running in the afternoons every other day.

But I attribute all my success to Beachbody. Yes, I lost weight before finding you guys, but THIS TIME the weight is STAYING OFF!!! I will never, NEVER, NEVER go back to the fat man you see in my before pics. I will purchase on faith alone whatever program you guys put out, because I have had such success with the programs, you, Tony, and Debbie put together...they are fun, and they are effective! Whether or not my results are visibly successful enough for a trip or other contest award is no longer important to me. Yes, other guys are getting washboard abs, but these are never in my future without surgery to remove the excess skin of 25+ years of stretching my belly up to 48"+, but I am now VERY satisfied with my results and my success.

There you have it. My full story, suitable for framing or wrapping fish! POWER ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael K.

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