Marianne H.

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January 2003


I finally committed to doing Power 90 in September 2002 with a promise to myself to once and for all slim down, tone up, and really learn how to treat my body healthy.

Growing up I had always been fairly athletic through school and never really bothered about my weight, even though I ate junk food all the time. Things started to change in my 20s when I started working a stressful and often demanding desk job in an office and traveling a lot for work. I stopped exercising regularly, started eating out a lot more – especially when I was traveling – and was still basically eating junk food left and right. Coke/Diet Coke was about the only thing I drank. I also found myself snacking a lot while sitting at my desk, often eating either out of stress or boredom. For many years I just stopped taking any real care as to what I did or put in my body.

My weight over the years fluctuated. I'd eat less to lose a few pounds, then gain it back. I'd lose it, gain it back. Lose it, gain it back – sometimes with extra pounds to boot. And so went the yo-yo. But even if I managed to slim down weight-wise, I was still "flabby" and carried extra fat. A lot of it I could cover up with clothes so most people did not think I was overweight, but I knew better. Clothes began to tighten, I had no muscle tone or real muscle strength. I also felt tired all the time. When I'd lose a few pounds, I'd feel like I could reach for that bag of potato chips or piece of cake, telling myself, "you just lost a few pounds, you can afford to eat that. Just this once won't be a problem. " The problem was it was never just that once. This once would add to that once on top of many others, and before long the pounds would creep back on, and I was having trouble fitting into my clothes again. Each time I'd go through that yo-yo cycle, I'd just feel worse about myself.

Besides feeling tired all the time, I got to the point where I even stopped doing regular activities I had once enjoyed like hiking and backpacking or skiing with friends. I knew I was out of shape and would have trouble keeping up. Though my friends would offer and ask me to go, I'd often say no or come up with an excuse to not go. I was afraid of making it less fun for them because I'd be the slow poke. The few times I did go I'd always end up feeling bad because I was the slow poke. I came back vowing that I was going to do something about getting back in shape. But I never did – I don't think I really knew how or what it was going to take.

So the years went by and though part of me longed to be in shape and to be slim and trim, another part of me seemed to be saying, "Just face it. Out-of-shape, overweight, and flabby is just how you're going to be. It's not going to get any better. In fact, you're getting older, so just expect it to get worse. " Yet something else inside me seemed to want to scream out, "NO! You know you don't want to accept being like this! " I think it must have been that part of me that was somehow gripped late one night when I saw a Power 90 infomercial.

I honestly do not remember exactly when I saw that infomercial, but it was sometime late last year around December—most likely late night one weekend while I was channel surfing in front of the TV probably munching on some snack, either out of stress or boredom. I remember thinking, "there's no way I'm ordering something off an infomercial! So many of those things are just gimmicks. " (that's what I always used to say when seeing an infomercial! ) But something about the Power 90 program stuck with me, because a couple weeks later I did a search on the Internet, found the site, and ordered it. My tapes arrived in late January. I tried starting in February, made it 3 days, got sick with a bad flu, and then allowed "life" to keep me from starting again. It was just so much easier to continue eating the junk food and not working out. The money back guarantee period went by and I hadn't done anything more. I remember thinking, "oh great, here's something I wasted my money on that I haven't used! "

The summer came around and I was too embarrassed to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. Forget a bathing suit! In fact, almost none of my shorts even fit anymore. Though my closet had lots of clothes in it, I only had one pair of jeans and one pair of pants that I could wear – and some days even those seemed too tight and uncomfortable. I was too stubborn to go buy more clothes because the thought of having to buy bigger clothes in a size I had never needed to wear before just depressed me. I was finally reaching the point where I was fed up enough with my weight, my shape, and how poorly I felt about myself. I remembered the Power 90 tapes and pulled them out, blew off the dust, and made a decision to start in September. This time I had really made up my mind to do the program!

I used to think that to get back in shape I'd have to go spend hours in the gym working out every day. Hours I didn't have, and even if I did, the gym wasn't where I'd want to spend them. I'd spent years letting myself go, and here was a program saying I could transform my body in 90 days. I'm not sure I believed it at first, but I figured I had nothing to lose but inches in trying. I finally made the commitment to do the program for the 90 days.

It was hard at first to carve out the time to do the workouts, but by the end of the first week I already had more energy than I could remember feeling in a long time. That was motivating to keep going. Around the second week I tapped in to the message boards where I found support and motivation – that became a lifeline to me over the following weeks. I followed the program as outlined, doing the workouts, changing my eating habits to eat from the top of Michi's ladder, not eating 3 hours before bed, and drinking water as my beverage of choice. Though I didn't see a lot of change in the first 30 days, things were happening. By day 60 I was seeing real results and nothing can describe how good I was feeling! In just 90 days, working out less than an hour a day, I lost a total of 14 lbs. and 12. 25 inches! ! I have more energy, a new confidence, improved self-esteem, and even my attitude is more positive towards just about everything! People who haven't seen me in months notice the changes immediately and are commenting on how great and happy I look. The smile radiates from the inside out!

Life is a joy again! At 32, I'm now in the best shape of my life.

Now, with Power 90, I know how to be healthy and fit. Power 90 is a tremendous tool to reach and then maintain fitness and health goals. This program did in 90 days what I'd been hoping for for years. It's taken me to where I'd only dreamed about – and beyond! To think it happened by turning on my TV, pushing play, and following the program. Power 90 is fun, it's do-able, and it works!

Thank you Tony Horton and Beachbody for putting together this program and helping me to turn my life around!

Marianne H.

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