April 2003


THANK YOU Beach Body and Tony Horton!!!

In the past, I wasn't a stranger to working out and the gym. I spent 4 years active duty in the Marine Corps where I was in what I thought to be the best shape of my life. I never thought that I would be on the opposite end years later! After returning to civilian life, the fitness resources that were once free and easily accessible were gone. I found it difficult to locate a gym that could compare or place where I felt comfortable working out.

That all became unimportant when I was in a car accident a little over 3 years ago. At first I battled knee, lower back, chest and neck injuries, but the injury that took the longest was the pinched nerve in my neck. I couldn't even do simple chores around the house. It was a very depressing time emotionally and physically to go through. Not letting my injury hinder me socially, I continued with my life. I got married, moved back to my hometown after 8 years of absence, and now I'm self-employed and launching my own business.

The past year has been geared towards improving my body and health. I quit smoking, and that's when the pounds started to pack on at an alarming rate. Stress of everyday life and deaths in my family pushed me towards eating. At the time I didn't even realize I was eating to compensate, and even worse, I really loved it. I went to therapy sessions to quit smoking and that worked. I was having such a hard time finding the control to watch my eating. My husband who is thin goes to the gym everyday in hope of gaining weight and muscle. His eating habits were hard to ignore - he eats all the time! I found it extremely difficult to watch him eat without grabbing a fork and digging in myself. We are two people trying to accomplish two very different goals.

I guess that I should explain exactly why I'm doing this! I have outgrown all of my clothes except for sweats and refuse to purchase new clothes. Growing out of the last pair of jeans I had (that fit) was the last straw. I had to put my foot down and do something. I knew that I needed help – I couldn’t do this alone - I'm also thinking about my future and when I have children. We haven't said when, but I know that my health makes a direct impact on my future child's health. This year I turned 28 and have been learning about how it becomes more dangerous the longer I wait to have children. Before I started, I never felt so bad about my appearance. I always kept it together and managed my weight, but lost the motivation and dedication to do so after the accident. I know that the majority of people think that I'm crazy because I'm not really all that big, but when you make a change in weight and you can't seem to control yourself there are a lot of emotions that kick in. I let those emotions consume me and run my life. I ate too much, hid the weight, and just felt horrible about myself. Working from home doesn't make it any easier to watch my weight. The past two years I feel like I’ve spent in hiding, just in my own little world feeling horrible about myself. I've been in a constant battle with myself - trying to change.

I originally ordered Power 90 in July of 2001 – at the time I wasn’t ready to physically do any type of workout program, but slowly with physical therapy, I finally came to a point where I could start. Unfortunately it was well over a year later until I was ready to begin. And that brings me to today!!!

Power 90 has put me back on track and helped me crawl out of the self-pity pit I was in!!!

Maria K

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