December 2003


My Power 90 experience was very rewarding. It started when my wife and I were looking for a change in our lives. We both wanted to lose weight and get into better shape. Of all the programs available in this world to choose from, we chose Power 90 because it guaranteed "If you commit to this program for 90 days you will see results! " That's it! ! It was up to us. So we ordered the program, set a date, and fully committed.

As for my habits, I would workout sometimes without any certain direction or goal, and I got very minimal results. My eating habits were coffee in the morning, usually no lunch, (or maybe something of no healthy value) and then eat everything in sight at supper. After supper I was too full or tired to do anything after eating to work it off. When the program arrived, a date was set. The week prior to working out, I started to change my eating habits according to the top three tiers of Michi's Ladder. The first week I dropped about 8 lbs, and didn't even workout! ! So I couldn't wait until the full day one of the program. I started with 1-2 programs, and within 30 days moved to the 3-4 programs (tough transition,but worth it). I saw great results in how I felt, looked, and the way my clothes were starting to fit better. Others were noticing a change as well. Then I decided to add in the Performance Formula to the program, and things really kicked in! By day 60, I could see very positive results, and was looking forward to day 90. All the while my wife and I were working out together and she had fully committed to changing our eating habits. I was now having something for breakfast, then fruits or vegetables for"snacks", and by the time supper rolled around, I only needed one serving of some fantastic new dish she was now preparing, and it was plenty and healthy. By day 90, I had lost 30 lbs. and 18 ½" total! ! It's the combination of "diet" and working out, you need both.

People ask us "What did you guys do??" "What diet did you go on?" We did not go on a diet, we committed to changing our lifestyle. I eat more often now than ever, it's just eating healthier and the quantity. I have had a bad back before, and all the exercises strengthened my back to where I haven't had any flare-ups. There are so many positive results from this program, that I can't express my gratitude enough in this letter. Hopefully someone can benefit from my testimony of the powerful effects Power 90 has had on my health and life. I’m going to be the first in line for P90X. Thanks for all the great guidance. All you have to do is fully commit to the program and you WILL see results! ! �

Thanks a million Tony and Beachbody. com! ! ! !


Larry G.

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