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2003 Hawaii Trip

March 2003


LeeAnn writes:

In the beginning of 2002, Greg and I got some pictures developed from a New Years Eve event we attended. We realized that we needed to do something to change our lives because our eating habits and our weight had gotten out of control. Exercise? What exercise! To be real honest we were sick and tired of being sick and tired. Greg had a lot more weight to lose than I did. He was approximately 65 lbs overweight. I have never really considered myself being overweight. I did have the ‘baby belly' from having my kids and just that extra weight that gets in the way of wearing a bikini. Before I started Power 90, I did not feel healthy. I had headaches and backaches a lot. That was my first motivator. The second was Greg, my wonderful husband. Greg was not willing to go to the next size pants. We started eating healthier. Eating healthier meant planning meals and cooking at home more (basically getting off the fast food way of life). Greg decided he was going to walk/jog after dinner every evening. We did pretty well as far as eating better and Greg stayed dedicated to his commitment of walking. This went on for about 2 months and Greg really didn't enjoy the long walks and being away from home so long and I wanted to get into an exercise program myself. In mid April, Greg brought home a couple of videotapes that a co-worker had given him because he never used them and hoped someone would get some use out of them. We put them in the VCR that evening and we were introduced to Power 90. After viewing the tapes and reading the program guide, we decided that we would give it a try. After about two weeks of practicing the routines, we decided that we would order the supplements and commit ourselves to 90 days. On Mothers Day, we started day 1 of Power 90. Unfortunately, we never got serious about pictures because Greg and I both secretly felt that we would never complete this program. (We just weren't the weightlifting / abs crunching fitness guru types. ) We continued to motivate each other and when one of us was tired and did not feel like working out, the other would push play. It was really tough juggling work, cooking, exercise, kids etc. We continued to feed off one another and before we knew it, 90 days was over. The results were UNBELIEVABLE! We could not believe the changes that it had made in our lives, physically and mentally. After we had reached our 90 days, Greg had lost approx. 45 lbs and went from a size 36 waist to a size 30. I had lost 20 lbs and went from a size 9 to a size 0. WOW! ! ! We are more fit today than we have ever been in our lives.

The benefits of Power 90 turned out to be one of the most rewarding things that happened to me in years. We were so pumped after completing the full 90 days...we continued and dedicated ourselves to another 90 days. It is part of our lives now. We now have Power Half Hour and LOVE IT! ! ! Power 90 has changed our lives because we have learned that exercise and a proper diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Beachbody ROCKS! ! ! ! And just when we thought we could not reach another level we heard of Power 90 X... look out! ! ! !

Thank you Beachbody and all the members, Tony and the kids, to all of our friends and family! We love you all! ! (Most of all, Thank you to my husband, I would not be here without you! )

Greg Writes:

Just trying to get out of bed in the morning was starting to become more & more difficult. I have never been one who has stayed dedicated to any type of exercise or workout program. I remember a while back dropping a good chunk of change to join a fitness club that I went to 5 times. Just never found the time! It seemed like when I did try to lift weights, I was always getting hurt, pulling a muscle, back pain, etc. I never took the time to stretch or learn proper technique, just walked over to the weights and started lifting.

My eating habits were as bad as it gets. When it came to a meal I think my favorite phrase was "Super size. " I don't think I had eaten a fruit or vegetable more than once a month in years, unless it was lettuce & tomato on a cheeseburger. My attempts to diet never had any foundation to them. We all know that lack of exercise and poor eating habits doesn't equal anything positive.

Power 90 has taught me how to workout properly.

So when people asked me how I lost all the weight and got so toned in the process I tell them I just got lucky. I got lucky that I was talking to a friend one day about finding a workout program that my wife & I could do together and the next day he handed me Power 90. With the Power 90 tapes, I also got a diet guide that has giving me more insight of not only what I shouldn't eat, but what I could eat to help promote a ripped effect with the P90 workouts. I actually carry a copy of Michi's ladder around with me in my wallet in case I need a quick reference.

P90 is as complete as it gets and one of the reasons I'm such a big fan of this program is because of the thought process that was put into it. First off, Tony is awesome with his presentation of how to workout while continuing to keep you focused and aware of your limitations. I have learned so much about proper lifting and listening to your body. This is a program that you mold to fit your fitness level. You might have the ability to get through Circuit 1 / 2 fairly quickly or it may take awhile, it doesn't matter if you continue to PUSH PLAY and give it your best each time. I was real impressed with what the supplements did for me. I am 38 years old and I have never looked like this in my entire life. Recently I read a weekly newsletter from Beachbody and it talked about all of the research that was done in order to make sure the supplements were evaluated thoroughly and with all the negativity surrounding supplements these days, this really made me feel good. I really feel like the Performance Formula and the Strength and Muscle Formula really helped sculpt and carve my body to levels I never felt that I could reach.

Second, the diet guide.... great job Beachbody staff...Water, water, water; a sliver of a slice; no eating 3 hours before bed are three of the best pieces of advise I had ever received. This was extremely helpful in accomplishing weight loss and I continue to live by these rules today!

And last but certainly not least is the message boards/member pages. I mean this is a program that just keeps on giving. You are always just a web site away from a fitness advisor, support groups, questions about workouts or alternative moves, or maybe just finding a workout buddy that you can spend 90 days sharing experiences with. The Beachbody web site is what I call bringing Hi-Tech to a workout program.

LeeAnn & I will be Beachbody customers for life. This is not a diet anymore but a way of life for us and we are so enjoying the Power Half Hour series, although I still hope the neighbors never catch us doing Wacky-Jacks! It has been a great follow up program to let us focus on those certain areas that we want to define better.

My favorite saying courtesy of the Beachbody message boards is: Nothing ever tastes as good as THIN feels.

My favorite way to embarrass my 13-year-old son in front of his buddies is to walk up to them, flex my bicep and ask "You got any syrup for these stacks. "

And my all time favorite saying now that I've completed Power 90 is "You got a needle and thread because I AM RIPPED. "

Thank you Beachbody (Carl & Jon for your vision); Tony (for giving us the tools to change our lives); Family, friends, and all of the Beachbody groupies (for all the kind words of encouragement that keep us motivated to this day).

ROCK ON THE Beachbody WAY!

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