November 2003


My Personal Experience

Throughout high school I was always skinny (size 5) and seemed to eat what I wanted when I wanted. I started putting on the weight in collage and from there its history! I married my high school sweetheart and started having babies. In between pregnancies I didn't want to "bother" trying to get back in shape because I knew I wanted more children and would just "get my body fat again" anyway.

For the people who know me well, I'm a big joker. I always make fun of any situation that comes my way. I do a lot of laughing and feel that is contagious to those around me. Well, one of my favorite things to say was "I don't believe in exercise" or "Yeah, I'm on a see food diet. I see it as it goes in my mouth! " Deep down I didn't believe this, but it was my way of saying "I'm lazy" and I hate the way I look but don't want to do anything about it.

After the birth of third and final child, I was so disgusted with myself, and the way I looked. I was bordering on a size 16/18 and hated myself. I didn't understand how my husband could be attracted to me with this body. I saw the infomercial one weekend and really felt like this would be the answer. I ordered the tapes and started up. I lasted 2 weeks and got sick and gave up. I had the mentality that I could eat what I wanted and would do the tapes and send them back if "it didn't work". I finally came to terms with myself this year and decided I HAD to make the effort for MYSELF. I wanted to feel better, look better and gain my confidence back. I started the tapes up and got serious on eating healthy too. I stopped making excuses and just did it! And look at me now! 21 pounds and 11. 5 inches later, and I'll still working on that beach body of mine. I have more work to do and will be starting the new Slim Series soon. But most of all, I feel good about myself, and what I have done for ME. This is my new way of life and I intend to keep it going!

Thanks so much to Debbie and Beachbody for putting together such a wonderful workout and making a fantastic program work for so many people. I'm a Beachbody member for life.

Dawn O.
travlmom@mybeachbody. com

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