Cheryl D.

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January 2003


The journey begins. . . Hitting day 90, I reflect back on the past few months. I have not only undergone a physical transformation, but an emotional one as well. I have been "chunky" since I was little. I tried every wacky diet that came along from the age of 12. My eating went totally out of control. I would consume nothing but diet cola for a few days, then binge on all sorts of high carb, high sugar goodies. I would lose a little only to regain even more than when I started the diet. By the time I was 15 I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). . . probably brought on by my unhealthy eating habits. I was told that carrying extra pounds could be a factor toward the progression to diabetes which runs in my family. Through the years I have wasted hundreds of dollars on yet more diets and gym memberships that never seemed to hold a viable long-term solution.

Finally comes Power-90. . . It was about four months ago that I found Power-90. I began following the eating plan, and even before the workouts could sculpt my body I was a changed person! Eating the five meals a day with higher protein and lower carbs finally put my blood sugar on an even keel for the first time in years. My husband was thrilled that the daily "grouchies" and binges were gone. I was actually a happier and healthier person. What a powerful tool this program has given to me!

The next few months I spent following the Power 90 plan. I love the workouts and can't believe how motivating and easy to follow they were. I was able to lose 31 pounds and go from a tight size 10 down to a loose size 4! I still consider myself a work in progress. I look forward to continuing the energizing workouts, firming the jiggles I have left and increasing my strength (I still have my sights set on those hard, defined abs). I finally have power over my emotional binges and bad eating habits.

Thank you so much Beachbody and Tony Horton for a program that is not only changing lives, but saving them as well (from the dangers of health conditions brought on by unhealthy eating and lack of exercise). I have begun the Power Half Hour series, have ordered Slim in 6 and can't wait until Power 90X is available!

Cheryl D.

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