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To the folks at Beachbody.com,

This is really part two of my success story. After finishing Power 90 and sending my first round of pictures, I decided that I had made a commitment for life and I needed to find a way to incorporate fitness into my life for a lifetime. I purchased Power Half Hour and Slim in 6 to add some variety to my workouts. I had accomplished results beyond my wildest dreams. I lost 50 lbs and 6 inches off my waist. I had set modest goals of 2 inches and 20 lbs. I was ecstatic.

I previewed the Power Half Hour and Slim in 6 videos and was really having trouble selecting what was going to happen in rounds 2, 3, forever. I had lost too much weight (what a problem to have1) and needed to bulk up. I put on my male chauvinist pig hat and decided that I was a guy and by golly I need to stick with the guy workouts. That Slim in 6 stuff seemed like something for the ladies. Therefore I committed to several rounds of Power Half Hour and Power 90 in various combinations. I eventually did a strength hardcore program Steve Edwards created for several others. While I was able to complete the routine without many problems, I really didn’t see tremendous changes. I was able to put on 3 or 4 pounds, but didn’t gain remarkable strength or see much of the muscle gain I was shooting for.

I decided that I need to try a change of pace and committed to Slim in 6 and giving it my all. Actually doing the Start It Up (SIU) routine instead of just watching it opened my eyes. While it wasn’t particularly challenging it was perfect for my recovery week and I set my mind to pushing it hard on Ramp It Up (RIU) and Burn It Up (BIU). As I advanced into RIU, I began to realize that maybe Debbie could really create something that would challenge me. I was sweating more than I ever did on Power 90 cardio days and I was really feeling the abs tightening up. BIU was the difference maker. I had never worked so hard. The lunges were killing me and by the time I made it to the ab work, I felt like I had already done a round of abs work and she was just throwing bonus work on top of my hard work. Finishing up each and every routine with stretching really cooled me down and created since of relaxation and peace that was refreshing.

My company offered a free fitness evaluation during a business trip. Johnson and Johnson performed a series of tests to measure my overall fitness. I couldn’t believe the results.

  • My systolic blood pressure was down 10 points.
  • My resting heart rate (after a day at work) was 63. Its around 55 when I first wake in the morning.
  • My body fat measured 14% by bio-electrical impedance. 88% percentile for my age.
  • VO2Max was 44 or 80% for my age. This was measured by a submaximal bike test.
  • My one rep bench press came in at 210lbs or 1.3 times my body weight. This was off the charts. I had never benched my weight, ever. To have done this after lifting 20-25 weights for 8 months was unbelievable. I could have done more if I hadn’t performed so many reps trying to find this one. I kept telling the CPT that I might do my weight and we kept bumping it 10-20lbs until we got here. I must have done about 8 reps of lower weights starting at 160.
  • I did 62 sit-ups in 60 seconds or about 67 percentile. Hey, I’ve got a six pack now so this wasn’t too discouraging, but I’m going for off the charts on my next test in 1 year.
  • I did 37 pushups for another off the chart performance. Not bad for a guy who couldn’t do the 10 pushups on my knees when I started.
  • I stretched to 39CM for an off the chart flexibility rating.
  • My BMI was 22.9.

The best part: I was asked for my goals the computer program they used was so targeted at people trying to get fit, that it couldn’t figure out what to tell me to do to increase my fitness and gain the few pounds I was looking for. It spit out erroneous data. You guys helped me break the program!!!

While doing Slim in 6 I was so convinced with Debbie’s routines that I bought Slim Series. I created a message call Slim Series Diary: Confessions of a Beachbody.com™ junkie.

Check it out. It has every day of my Slim Series™ workouts in ad naseum detail. I couldn’t believe the following it has gained. I’m being asked to do Slim in 6, Power 90, and Power Half Hour diaries. I'm holding out for a Power 90X. J A guy can always hope can’t he?

What did I accomplish on Slim in 6? As you can see by my pictures, I was able to work my abs even more than I did on Power 90 and I filled in the hollow spots along my obliques. Best of all I gained 5 lbs in muscle mass. How do I know it was muscle mass? I did another bio-electrical impedance test and my body fat came in at 13%. Given the inaccuracy of that particular test, felt the ratings were consistent and therefore comparable.

I started incorporating elements of Slim in 6, Slim Series, Power Half Hour, and Power 90 into a new routine I call “6 weeks to madness.” After only 2 weeks of this new mix of Slim routines, Power Half Hour routines, and Power 90 routines I have gained _” on my biceps. I believe the proper application of the Beachbody.com™ videos can help a person accomplish anything they would want to accomplish from a fitness point of view. I have the best cardio and sculpt routines at my fingertips.

My 13-year-old son is going to start Power 90 in the summer. This is a first for the TV addicted teenager. He’s committed to start after school ends. He needs to get in shape for high school J and prepare for marching band. He’s going to be carrying around a 50lb “quint” drum set and he understands how Power 90 can help him make that happen. I plan to adapt the program to use lighter weights and follow appropriate steps to make it safe for a developing teen. The real news here is a teenager thinks his old man is in such awesome shape; he wants a little piece of the action.

People are still coming up to me and asking me how I’m doing it. They’ve seen so many people lose weight or get in shape and then fall off the wagon. People that noticed the changes in me 9 months ago are asking me, AGAIN, what I did. They can’t believe I am keeping it off. They were skeptical before and now they are a believer.

Finally, I have to comment on the message boards. I purposely don’t send people to my coach page when they ask me what I am doing. I know I’d earn more rewards credits taking that approach, but I’m not in this to make money for myself. I want these people to join because they believe in what Beachbody.com has to offer. I send them to the message boards, tell them about other success stories, and send them to my coach’s page if they want to see my personal story. I want them to see the kinship I have developed with my fellow Beachbody buddies. I show them how I created my own coach’s thread (From "wantresults" to Got Results - Coach bwolford is here to help).

Creating this thread has turned into the best decision I could ever have made. I have a huge group of regulars with another 20+ occasional posters and it seems like someone new is joining us every day. In 2 months we’ve posted 4 pages of support messages and about 5000 hits. It keeps growing faster and faster every week. I’m addicted. The camaraderie and support we’re able to give each other is unmatched. I feel, for the first time, that I am part of a life-changing event for other people. I can make a difference for others. I never could have believed that I could help people like this and they could give me so much in return. The gifts that come my way because of a simple decision 1 year ago to buy a Beachbody.com product never cease. My life has been changed forever. How many times have I said that now? J Brice’s Beach Buddies rule the fitness world!!!

I’m now studying to be a certified personal trainer and hope to have that complete by the end of the year, if not sooner. It’s worth the work of keeping a full time job, studying, and traveling for my company like a camel lost in the desert. I hope to bring fitness to others. The Beachbody.com way!

I want to give my thanks to everyone at Beachbody.com from Debbie and Tony to Erick Hoppe the support group GM, to your phenomenal and responsive customer service team (including Eric Ong), to Carl Daikeler who, unbelievably returns emails within 24 hours. What other CEO is so focused on his customers that he does this? NONE! ZERO! ZIP!

Beachbody.com is the best damn fitness company in the universe.

I’ll say it again; I’m a customer for life!


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