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February 2003


To the folks at Beachbody. com:

Before I tell you my success story, I want to tell you, "Thank you. " I couldn't have achieved my results without the entire combination of your customer service team, the videos, the bulletin boards on the web site, and the supplements. The package promised success and delivered. I should say, helped me deliver! My story is an expansion of what I posted to the before and after image gallery.

I bought the Power 90 tapes during a bout of exhaustion and sleeplessness that had gone on for weeks. I thought while watching the infomercial that my problems were caused by my lack of fitness. The Power 90 program seemed like a logical solution. There was no magic pill, no break through exercise, and no secret formula for success. I'd seen many others for special pills, exercise only, or fad exercise products. I saw them for what they were, promises. I saw Power 90 for what it had - promise. It included a fitness regimen, nutritional advice (not diet advice - no "quack" all protein or all carb programs for me - nutritional advice), and used simple exercises that anyone could do or learn to do. In other words, it communicated a balanced and reasonable approach to fitness, not just dropping pounds. I hope you paid fair market value for the infomercial because it hooked me. I bought them on the spur of the moment.

The next day, I felt stupid. Why would I buy an exercise tape from a TV commercial? I had forgotten about all the good things I saw in the program at 2:OOAM in the morning. I've been laughing at people who bought into the fad for years. My thoughts went to friends who did Atkins, took blue-green algae supplements, popped fat blocker pills, or tried stimulants to be the only miracle or end all to their diet problems. What did I fall for?

The tapes arrived and I delayed starting the program. Work got busy and I never got around to returning the product within the 30 days. My wife found out that I had spent the money and you can imagine the reaction when she found out I couldn't return the tapes because I had waited too long to request a refund. I was "motivated" to do the program. "You bought it; you do it! " essentially. I knew the tapes were refundable, but I didn't get started in time and was stuck. I was really beginning to feel like I had made a poor decision and then compounded it. I turned that embarrassment into action. I was going to finish the damn program and do it right. If it didn't work, it wouldn't be because I didn't do it right.

The next day, I reviewed all 4 exercise tapes and glanced through the Ab [Ripper 100 and 200] tapes. "I can do all of that," crossed my mind. It didn't look like any earth shattering remedy that would perform a miracle improvement, but the good news was that I had weights and a perfect place to work out. You can see a look of sarcasm and disbelief on my face in the Day 1 photos. Regardless of the attitude, I read all the materials and made a commitment based on my weight goals alone. I didn't think I'd see either the definition or the results I saw on TV or on the web site. I set mediocre objectives of 15 pounds In 90 days and to feel better, have more endurance, and increase my strength. I took the day 1 photos with an attitude. I didn't even take a full set of photos because I figured it wouldn't matter. What an attitude. Can you believe I had really committed?

I created a calendar on the computer, adopted Tony's motto I pulled from a bulletin board, turned on the stubborn switch, and started banging away.

I was immediately surprised to see that I wasn't as "in shape" as I thought I was. The pushups were killing me, the Ab work was painful, and I was barely finishing anything else. Within 15 days or so, I was capable of doing everything on tapes 1 and 2 with the exception of some of the pushups and the AB work. I was seeing progress and I knew I could at least do the first pair of tapes. At day 20, I felt pretty good so I thought it was time to start psyching myself for phase 2 (tapes 3 / 4) I re-played the second pair and felt like there was a great big brick wall in my way. I decided that I had to be able to do everything on tapes 1 and 2 before I switched and I wouldn't worry about the contents of tapes 3 and 4 until I started them.

After day 30, I wasn't seeing much body image change, but the weight was coming off according to plan. I was eating in the top 2 Michi's Ladder tiers 70-80% of the time and tier 3 all the other 30% of the time. I was eating foods I enjoyed (I grew up in a family that ate anything that didn't move and some things that did, but my wife and kids are pretty basic meat and potato kind of people). I wasn't hard-core, but I was improving the diet - eating things I hadn't eaten in years and had a bigger variety than I ate before I started. I didn't cut out anything I ate before, just according to a 40-30-30 plan. You can see in the day 30 photos there wasn't much body shape change. I was, however, feeling much better, sleeping much better, and wasn't quite as tired all the time. I knew I was strong because I could do everything on the first two tapes. I thought that was significant. I was at least neutral to the program and didn't feel quite as silly. I decided to start tapes 3 and 4.

About day 45, something happened to my metabolism. I started dropping pounds twice as fast as the first 45 days. I had lost 6 or 7 pounds in the first 30 days and another 4 in the next 15 days. I couldn't complete the tapes, but instead of feeling discouraged, I felt empowered and challenged. I knew I was going to lose the weight I counted on and perhaps an extra 10-20%. I did better on the exercises every week and knew that I'd have the whole workout mastered by day 60. Maybe this works!

About this time, my company started a "Step into Summer" fitness program. I became a team captain and recruited 10 others to join my team where we would track, log, and encourage each other to achieve some fitness goals by the end of a ten week program. Some asked what I was doing and I could hear and see the skepticism in their eyes and words. None of them started the Power 90 program. They preferred to stay with their plan. No problem, we'd know at the end of the program what worked. We all set goals for the amount of exercise we would complete in a week. I was doing the Power 90 program and knew how much I was exercising so I committed to my 275 minutes/week. They thought I was nuts. Most committed to about 120-150 minutes per week.

I had a cruise in the Caribbean coming up and I wondered if I could stay on the program while at sea. No problems! ! ! I exercised according to schedule, ate anything served in moderation and with discipline, and came home to learn I had still lost 1. 5 lbs while on the trip. The average person gains 5-10 lbs on a cruise. By concentrating on portion control I was able to stay with the program.

By day 60 I had lost 20 pounds, didn't perceive a change in the mirror, so I didn't take any photos. After all I didn't think I'd be entering any contests because I'd have average results. I could now wear pants and shirts I hadn't been able to get into in 1-2 years and my business suit wardrobe doubled. I could wear what I bought at the beginning of the Power 90 program and my old stuff. I had exceeded the 15 lbs. loss I wanted, achieved all of the other goals, and decided I would commit to pictures at day 90 just to see what happened. Maybe, just maybe, something special would happen. People were starting to tell me I looked different.

A neighbor said, "I didn't realize how middle aged you looked, until you lost this weight. " Fortunately it was a good neighbor and his comments were well intentioned and honest. Best of all they were right. My 12-year-old son watched me work out one day and while I was doing jumping jacks he said, "Hey Dad, you've got a 2 pack. " we had quite a laugh. After all I had been growing a pony-keg under my shirt for the past 5 years.

I began to make plans for what I was going to do after day 90. I began to feel comfortable telling people what I had done (ordered from an infomercial) and when they smiled the dopey smile, I'd smile too and say, "It works for me. "

At day 90, I am happy to report:

  1. I've lost 35 lbs
  2. 4 inches off my waist
  3. 3 inches off my chest
  4. 5 inches off each bicep
  5. exceeded all my fitness goals
  6. will never doubt the effectiveness of this program
  7. been shocked by my own "after" photos

I could never have been more pleased than if I was fully committed from day one. I was lying on the couch watching a movie with the family and my 9 year-old daughter patted my stomach and said, "Hey Mommy, look at Daddy, his belly is flat. " Max, my now 13 year-old son, answered "Yeah Dad, you've got a 4 pack now. " I can do things in the yard and around the house that would have exhausted me for days and be ready to start a second chore within an hour or so.

Too embarrassed to start, too stubborn to stop, and delighted I completed it. "Completed" is the wrong word. I'll never finish this. I eased the diet to be more into tier 2 and 3 in order to try and stop the weight loss and I increased my calories (I'm still losing weight so I need to start eating more, but still healthy) and I am committed to 5 days a week at the 3/4 levels of sculpt and sweat for the rest of my life. I'm trying other exercises from time to time for variety. I played on an adult soccer league and could have played the entire game if asked (hey, this thing didn't improve my soccer skills. . . . You need to fix that! Instead of the old in for 5 minutes and huff and puff off the field for 10-15 minutes of rest.

I want to thank Tony and the folks at Beachbody. com. I lurked on the bulletin boards for encouragement, I read Tony's encouraging words to others, and I adopted his motto "THE JOY OF DISCIPLINE OR THE PAIN OF REGRET. WHICH WILL IT BE TODAY?" For me it will be the joy of discipline for the rest of my life. Regardless of the contest results, you can count on me as a believer and advocate for what you offer and I'm already working on converting those that "smirked" 60 days ago.

My neighbors and friends ask me what I've done and I say I've been "Tony'fied. " That always gets a strange look and then I tell them what I've done. I know I am nowhere nearly as fit looking as Tony, but I have a new goal, Mr. Horton: I'm going to finish the 6 pack by year-end and keep it for a lifetime.

To Tony: Thank you for the inspiration and "no extra charge'' bonus stretches. I plan to keep hopping like a bunny rabbit and keeping my head off the floor. I have a good laugh with my daughter when she mimics you word for word while I still watch your tapes. I find your comments motivating every time I listen to them.

To the folks at Beachbody. com: I appreciate your making this product available to the public. It IS a secret formula made of common ingredients: "good sense" nutrition, goal setting, a strong support network (the bulletin boards), and an exercise program filled with variety. I couldn't be more pleased with the program or Tony Horton. I look forward to seeing some maintenance products (tapes, books, or pamphlets) from you for the Power 90 program. I'm a believer.

Brice W.

P. S. I consider my customer number, my customer number for life with Beachbody. com

*Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider. Results may vary.

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