March 2003


When I started Power 90 five months ago, there were many reasons why I wanted to get back in shape. But I think the most important was that, as a former college athlete, I was not feeling very athletic at all. I hated how badly out of shape I had become, because I used to work out regularly when I was younger. I knew that I had to start eating right and exercising, but I could never seem to stay at it long enough to get healthy again.

At that point in time, I was pretty much doing nothing but working and parenting. You see, my son is now three years old. In addition, I have moved four times over the last three years for the sake of advancing my career. For years, I have been working very hard, and putting in lots of hours. And since my son was born, I have tried to devote all of my spare moments outside of work to spending time with my family ( or giving my wife a much needed break. My son is an active little guy! ! )

With all the time I spent working, all the confusion of moving around, and all the time I spent trying to be a good dad, I had simply let myself go. And my diet was not helping me either! At work, it seems there is always something quick, convenient and terrible for you lying around to be eaten. And when you're tired and stressed, you eat it. That is exactly what I was doing, eating whatever junk was available at the moment. Frankly, I had become embarrassed about the way I looked, and I did not like the way I felt. Whenever I would tell people how old I was, they would always say: " Wow! I thought you were a lot older than that! ! " And you know what? I felt older too.

I'm not sure exactly why I decided to give Power 90 a try. Perhaps the TV advertisement just hit me at the right moment. I was sitting in a hotel late at night, away from my family on a business trip, and I had eaten like a pig at several functions that day. I watched what Tony and the other Power 90 users had to say about this quick, rigorous program, and it struck me that Power 90 might be able to help me achieve what I could not do on my own. So I decided to give myself over to Tony's program. And, boy, am I thrilled with the results! ! !

The Power 90 program is all about making a commitment to getting healthy, and that is exactly what I did. I was worriedthat there was no way I would be able to work out six times per week. But I did it! ! I simply decided that I would make time to do it, and stuckto that decision. And at the same time, I started to take control over my diet, eating the right number of calories, and trying to follow the food pyramid.

The beauty of Power 90 is the ingenious way the program maximizes your results with quick and efficient workouts. It is all about exercising and eating right, but this program makes it extremely quick, simple and effective by masterfully combining cardio and resistance training. To get the same results on my own, I probably would have spent twice as much hours working out, and also would have spent hundreds of dollars on a gym membership. But with Power 90, I quickly started to slim down and tone up. The first thing I noticed was my shrinking mid-section. I got rid of my gut fast, and I am loving it! ! ! ( And so is my wife...) All of my pants and belts are too big now, and after many, many years, it feels great to be firm and toned again.

The results I got with Power 90 were tremendously motivating. I have been finished with my 90 days for a while now, but I'm still at it! And now, when I see the normal junk food at work , I just walk on by. I would rather be fit, healthy and happy, than indulge in the quick fix that junk food provides. I am so motivated now, that I wouldn't dream of ruining my progress just for the sake of a sugar bomb!

Power 90 has changed me for life. I am back in shape, and I am never turning back, EVER! ! I plan to look and feel this good for many years to come. And I will never refer to myself as a "former" athlete again. Thanks, Tony, for giving me Power 90! !


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