July 2003


My Beachbody Experience

First, I would like to thank Power 90 Coach Michael Kucko, a business associate, for the initial introduction to the Power 90 Program. Michael explained what the program had done for him both physically and mentally, so I had to check out the web site for further information. Second, I have to thank the entire Power 90 team for a program that "walks the talk"'

Actually, my search for the perfect exercise program began between Christmas and New Years. During the holidays, many family members and friends made comment of the nice size belly that I was carrying. Of course, more were also comments about the extra chin that I was developing. I knew it was time to get back in shape and take charge of my body!

It was right after the first of the year when Michael had a discussion with me concerning his personal experience with Power 90. After some research that night, I purchased the program the very next day, and two days later I started my very own experience.

I can still remember my thoughts that first workout at 5:00 AM in the morning; you bought the program, so now it is in your hands. I made it through the first week without missing a workout. I also adjusted my eating habits immediately. My main problem has always been the snacks after the kids were in the bed, so I switched the cookies, cakes, and milk for the protein shakes. Also, I traded in the fast food lunches for salads with either tuna or grilled chicken. At the end of week two, I had dropped nine pounds, and was confident with both routines in the 1-2 workouts. At week three, I was ready to step it up to the 3-4 workout!

Wow, could I tell the difference right away in the 3-4 workouts. However, I remembered the first couple of workouts a couple of weeks earlier, and I played on. After one week on the 3-4 workout, I was feeling great about my abilities at this level, and I dropped another 5 to 6 pounds.

Three months later, after that first eye opening start at 5:00 AM in the morning, I dropped 22 pounds. My main goal was to get back to the 185-190 pound range, so I am extremely happy with the results of the program and my effort. Second, I am truly happy with the increased energy level that I have realized. Third, it has been great to wear some of the smaller pants that became old before their time. -. -hey, it was also fun to add a few extra holes to the belts! P. S. Special thanks to Scottie, my daughter, for being the photographer.

My Personal Bio
I am 40 years old, have a wonderful wife, and two great kids. Most of my workdays are spent either on the computer or in meetings. I was very active in exercising activities prior to the added family and career responsibilities; however, now, I know there is a way to balance the three!

Bill H.

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