Andrea D.

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December 2003


To begin with, I did not do the Power 90 program to win a trip to Hawaii. I did it to regain myself respect. Last year (2002) was a big year for our family. We had two children and decided to adopt a baby. We were very lucky to have the adoption process move extremely fast for us, we found out about our new baby girl one week after turning our papers in! The same week we brought our daughter home from the hospital we also acquired two more children due to a death in the family. So we went from two to five children, newborn to 9 years in the same week! The lack of sleep was amazing, not to mention the laundry! Although I was extremely happy to have five kids, there was little time left for myself. I chose sleep over exercise . . . there was no way I was getting up early if I could sleep one more hour! I was already overweight but the pounds packed on. In November 2002, my kind husband sent me on a five day trip with a friend for a much needed break. After five days I did not want to go home . . . I should have been rejuvenated but instead I was depressed. During the next several weeks I had many 'sad' days and many more lows than highs. I finally went to my Doctor thinking I needed medication. I was tired and hated myself for getting fat. Instead of putting me on medication for depression he prescribed exercise and a better eating plan and told me to come back in a month. A few days later I saw the Power 90 infomercial and decided to go for it! Before it even came I decided to take my before pictures. I was too embarrassed to ask my husband or even a friend to take them! I enlisted the help of my eight year old son who screamed and ran when he saw me in a bikini! My six year old asked if we were going swimming.

I was really worried about how hard this 'boot camp' would be so I watched the tape first. It looked so easy to raise your knees in place, I then worried it wasn't going to be hard enough! After this good and evil battle in my mind, the good prevailed and I started Jan 6, 2003. I was amazed that I could not lift my legs the whole time! I followed the modifications and really liked the workouts. After only a month I moved on to the next tape. I committed to 6 days a week and did not stray! I was getting up before my kids, at 5am, and felt so much better about myself. The workouts are great and easy to follow; I love the combination of power yoga to kick boxing and weight training. I also love the fact that they are not too long.

Day 45 I had lost 12 lbs and 14 inches and felt great! By day 90 I had lost 23 lbs and 23 inches. I have not weighed this weight for 7 years and I'm really happy! I did follow a better diet and ate less junk food but I must admit I ate a treat everyday, usually ice cream! I never took after pictures because I had no intention of showing before or after photos to anyone! I still feel like I'm a work in progress as I continue to work out daily and make better eating choices. I received the email a few days ago about the Hawaii contest and so here I am, the day before the deadline, writing my story and having my eight year old take my after pictures, and he still ran when he saw me in a bikini! I have not reached my final goal weight yet, but as I look at the pictures I can see that I have accomplished huge hurdles and, most importantly, I like who I have become in the process. Thanks Power 90!

Andrea D.

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