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2002 Hawaii Trip


To Whom It May Concern,

One Sunday morning my seven year-old son came running out of the bedroom, shouting "Hey Mom! Come see this! "He quickly brought her back to the bedroom where the Power 90 infomercial was playing, "Look, this is what you need! " he exclaimed. Well, mom wasn't too pleased about it and quickly left grumbling that she didn't think something called "Beachbody. com" was what she needed to lose weight, but something about the show caught my interest.

I watched as they showed the before and after results of Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody. com and was frankly impressed (most of those fitness commercials seem so focused on women). Then I was shocked to hear them say that they wanted you to work out SIX days a week for not one month, or even two months, but for 90 days! I thought to myself, finally someone honest enough to tell you that it's going to take a fair amount of exercise and a COMMITMENT to remove the excess baggage I've spent years accumulating. It was such a relief to hear after all those other advertisements which seem to promise they have some magic fat burning pill, "exercise in a bottle" or some wimpy exercise plan that promises you'll only have to work out 10 minutes a day, etc. Afterwards, I was intrigued enough to check out their website and was impressed by all the testimonials from users of Power 90 and the tremendous support they give to each other every day.

I decided to order the Power 90 system since I felt it provided me with an organized plan of exercise to complete. In the past I had tried to exercise more but had always failed because I didn't really have a set plan of exercises or a schedule to keep so I'd just get tired of doing it and eventually stop. But with Power 90 I figured that I could commit to doing the plan for 90 days (90 days ain't gonna kill anybody right? )I received the package and was pleased to see that there were no mandatory diets required in this program. Again, they were simply honest and blunt about telling you that if you wanted to lose weight, that you were going to have to eat less calories than your body was using - very simple and to the point. They even included charts which showed you estimated amounts of weight loss for varying levels of dieting, - simple and straight-forward. It was up to the individual to decide how much to reduce their food intake based on their individual weight-loss goals. The approach appealed to me in that I felt I could customize my diet and didn't have to feel guilty if I wasn't dieting as much a more rigid plan might have suggested.

I began Power 90 and found the exercises easy to follow and after about a week, or two, I noticed a remarkable improvement in both my mood and energy levels - I felt simply - alive, I felt young again! I had actually forgotten what it was like to feel just plain good. I eventually began eating better while checking out the Beachbody. com website for both support and tips on nutrition. By day 30 I knew that this program was worth every penny I had spent on it just for the newly found vitality it had given me. I was PUMPED! I once heard a doctor say that if you could put exercise in a pill it'd be the most prescribed medicine on the planet. I couldn't agree more with that statement. Power 90 provided cardio and strength workout routines that were easy to follow, fit into my busy schedule and complemented each other so well.

About for myself, I'm a 40 year-old computer programmer who sits at a desk all day. I'd been slowly gaining weight for about six years. My pants size had grown from a size 34 to a size 40! I remember my dad wearing a size 40 and to think, now my size 40 pants were getting tight - aaahhg I was turning into my father! . Anyway, I had to do something about my weight. I was also extremely disappointed that I didn't seem to have the energy to go outside and spend time with my son. He's seven, an age where playing baseball, tag or a bicycle ride with Dad is still cool. I wanted to be able to enjoy that as long as possible. However, I can now, truly say, that I am enjoying life period. I now am down to where a size 36 feels quite comfortable, and sometimes loose! I went from weighing 210 lbs to 180 lbs - a loss of 30 lbs! I feel GREAT! I haven't been 180 lbs since high school! This experience has been so positive that I'm not sure that anyone could understand it without going through the transition themselves. Imagine lugging around 30 pounds in a backpack 24x7 where ever you go and maybe you'll begin to get the idea. (By the way, my apologies to mother's everywhere since my wife would probably point out that I've just described something similar to being 9-months pregnant forever. )

Thank You Beachbody. com and Tony Horton!

William R. - Champaign, IL

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