2002 Hawaii Trip

Power 90
Before After
Weight 231 178
Chest 45 42
Waist 43 34
Hips 42 36
Right Arm 14 15
Left Arm 13 3/4 14
Right Thigh 24 24
Left Thigh 24 23

These last 90 days have been nothing but Miracle after Miracle for me. I'd like to share my story with all of you in hopes you might find strength and encouragement in it, and maybe a smile. If you are just starting Power 90 you are about to start an awesome journey that will effect the rest of your life.

Just over 90 days ago I was truly out my way out. My diabetes was raging, my blood sugar levels were almost at 300. My eye sight was getting blurry and my feet and legs usually bothered me first thing in the mornings. The Doctor warned me if things did not change dramatically I would not be around to see my children grow up. The problem with diabetes is it's a silent killer—you usually don't know what's going on till it's too late. I didn't feel bad most of the day so I just ignored it. My weight sky rocketed to over 231 Pounds. The Doctor also told me I was obese—I'd never heard that about myself before, it was a bit of a shock. Even that shock did was not enough to make me snap out of it. I was pretty much just lost in my depression and hiding it from the world, from my loved ones and friends.

I have a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. My wife being very concerned about the welfare of our children began asking me to take out more life insurance. She kept trying to make me understand what life would be like for them not if but when I died. I also had a shoulder injury that began acting up so badly that I almost completely stopped using my right arm. I saw a couple of different doctors about it and one said it was going to require surgery and the other wanted to try to prolong it with therapy but that it would more than likely require surgery.

I was just a mess. I kept telling myself it's just my age and this is what life is like at my age. I'll be 40 in July. I have some very small children and I had tried to get down on the floor with them to play but it was so painful to me knees and back I just gave up on that. I figured I was a good dad if I just hung out in the same room as them. My idea of family time was sitting in front of the TV with a huge bowl of ice cream watching TV together. I had no idea of the example I was setting for them and the same doom I was setting them up for. Our children try to become us.

It seems that during the first part of this year with all these things occurring in my life I was in a downward spiral and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. In mid January I tried to take my little girl to the park to fly a toy plane we got for Christmas. All I had to do was turn it loose and she could run after it. Well it got caught up in a tree. I went over to the tree and tried to climb up it. I'd climbed millions of trees growing up and figured it would not be a problem. Well I tried and just could not pull my self up. I'd gotten so fat and my arms had become so weak that I didn't have the strength to get up the tree. My daughter would say daddy get my toy, please get my toy. And I would try again and again and still I couldn't get up that tree. I actually at one point had tears in my eyes. I could not believe that I had gone downhill so far that I could not get up that tree. I told my wife that someday I'll get in shape and come climb that tree. Within the next week or two my older daughters were having a physical fitness program at school.

One evening at home they were talking about pushups and so I asked them to do one for me. I even told them I would do twice as many as they did. One of them got down and did 2—I laughed and said 2? I can easily do 2. I got down and was only able to do 4 and almost 5. I was so shocked and pretended to stop so they could do more. I felt sick inside and I felt even more worthless. I'd really given up on life. Back to my sofa and remote I went and my large bowl of ice cream.

It was also during this time that a friend and co-worker of mine wanted to do a charity run about a couple of months from then. He kept asking me and asking me. I kept trying to find excuses not to get involved. I finally gave in and told him ok, but I would probably just walk it. We had agreed to get together and do some jogging together to get ready for the charity run. I thought well maybe in 2 months I'd be able to do it. I thought to myself that I would go and see how far I could run by myself so I would not embarrass myself in front of my friends.

One evening after work I went out for a jog. I ran from about 30 to maybe 50 feet, yes I said feet and almost died. My legs hurt and my back was killing me. My belly was so big it just bounced with every step so I stopped. I truly hated myself and was just in misery.

One afternoon on a weekend I was in my usual position watching my 11 month old son crawling on the floor and I felt bad because I could not get down and play with him. My mind started wandering about what it would be like to play catch with him someday or hear about his first kiss. Suddenly it all hit me at once—I was dying and I've given up on life. I looked at my son and tears swelled up in my eyes, I would never live to enjoy those things with him. I would die before he grew up. I fell back in my seat and pray to God. God please help me, I can't go on living like this. The tears were just running off my cheeks.

I looked over at the tv and at some point the Power 90 commercial had come on again. Oh sure I'd seen it a few times and it even looked kind of promising. But those guys were going to make you work to get healthy, no gimmicks, no miracle diet pills. I'd seen the young guy in the commercial name Tony Horton leading people in working out but in the past I'd told myself " Oh yeah sure, he's about 28 and sure at 28 you can look like that. I turned up the volume and at that very moment Tony Horton was saying something about God did not intend for us to be this way, fat. I don't recall his exact words but for the first time I heard exactly what he was saying. I wiped the tears away from my face and sat up and listened. Again, no gimmicks, no miracle diet pills, just a program that if you did it for only 90 days they would change your body.

I went and got my wife and tried to get her to watch the program. She was frustrated with all the fad diets I had tried and told me it was just another waste of money. They were showing Jon and Carl—regular guys and how well they did in just 90 days. I kept at her and finally broke down and said to her—I can't do it on my own. I had to show her I was not the strong tuff guy and I was willing to try this, I had to try something and in my heart I knew this program was going to be my last hope. She finally gave in and told me I could order it. I had to see a specialist about my shoulder and when he brought up my options I told him I had just ordered Power 90 and that in it they did a lot of stretching, cardio and using dumb bells. He thought it would be ok to try it but warned me that it would be painful but if I kept at it someday the pain would go away.

In a few days Power 90 came. I was kind of excited but told myself not to hold my breath. There was definitely something different about this program. They didn't believe in the no pain no gain theroy that so many say is necessary to get in shape. They constantly have you check to see how you're feeling and if you feel a twinge to stop, back off or take a break. While I could not do all the workout in the beginning I was able to at least compete the workouts with a stop here and there.

The next day I was so sore and told my wife I didn't think I could do anymore. Then I found the next days workout was something different so I managed to get through it. I went through all their material and tried to read everything they provided, from eating healthy tools and tips to info on their supplements. I had ordered them as well but had not tried them yet. When my wife had told me it was just another fad diet I wanted to prove her wrong so I wanted to give this program every opportunity to work before I quit it. I did just what Beachbody suggested.

On the videos he kept asking if we had taken our sups. I hadn't yet. I noticed I felt weak and sore and was beginning to plan how to get out of this. I reread the info and found out how I was supposed to take the sups if I needed them. So the next morning I got up a bit earlier and took the sups. Then something amazing happen. I had a ton of energy with no jitters. I was able to make it further into the workouts without taking as many breaks. I also began to laugh at Tony's jokes and it just helped me that much more.

The next morning something else terrific happen, I was not sore. The sups really had helped just like they said they would and again no jitters like diet programs. Well even though I was going to give this my best shot life goes on. We all still get up in the mornings and get on with our day. I was so busy at work and began feeling like maybe I would like to sleep in in the mornings. I began thinking about dropping the program even though I was beginning to feel like I had more energy. I started thinking of my kids again and knew somehow I had to stick with this program but the problem was not with the program but with me.

In desperation I took out the material that came with the program and started reading it again. It talked about the message boards and a place to go where there were other people going through the same thing I was. I got on the internet and logged in. After looking at the picture of people that had completed the program I began to feel a little better and then found my way to the message boards. I posted a message that I needed help and in no time people began posting messages to me and trying to motivate me to hang in there. Just knowing there were there and that I could go to them helped me make it through my first month.

Strange things started happening to me. I was making it through all the workouts now and I felt like I had tons of energy. My eye sight cleared up and I would bounce out of bed so I could get to my workouts. I was changing, good things were happening. I went out after about 3 weeks and thought I'd try to run again and another miracle happen. I ran over a mile without stopping. How could this be? Less than a month ago I could only run less than 50 feet and now I can run a mile? No way, whats up with that?

I made the message boards part of my daily life, posting back to those that posted to me. Then another part of me began to change, I found that I truly began caring for other people outside my family. I cared about those others on the boards and suddenly it was not all about me but about giving back to those that helped motivate me and those that needed help being moviated as I had. The more I tried to help others in the boards the better I felt.

The Beachbody website was awesome, you could get expert advice from their staff and I'm talking real advice and not something some guy was paid to read off a post it note. I began to learn more about nutriton and health and I found it easier to eat healthy and workout. Then came the day my wife brought me my lifescan gagit to test my blood sugar level. I figured it may have gone down a bit maybe low 200s.

Ready for the next miracle? My blood sugar level was completely normal. No way, that can't be so I tested it again and again it was normal and without medication. My doctor was actually able to take me off my meds as long as I kept it up and kept monitoring it. Things were happening and the miracles did not stop there. That shoulder that needed surgery? Not anymore and with all the stretching and muscle building the pain has completely vanished and I mean completely. The Doctor said no surgery required. Yessssssssss. Can it get any better?

The local charity run time came, my co-worker told me he expected me to back out and do the walk in stead of the run. I told him no, I think I can do it. We took off with the sound of the gun and without walking or feeling any pain I ran a 5k.

Life was suddenly getting much better. I kept up with the message boards and the people there are now more like family. We all check in with eachother daily and everyone helps everyone. The message boards are a very big part of what makes this program work.

Over the next 30 days I continued to get stronger and healthier. People started asking me what was different and I began to realize a new me was coming into the world. At times my own wife did not recognize me if I was not looking right at her. I didn't like spending too much time in front of the TV anymore, it felt like a waste of time and I wanted to be moving around.

More miracles? I found myself playing on the floor with my kids and just loving it. One day my little girl saw me on the floor and I will never forget this as long as I live—she said don't hurt yourself daddy. This coming from a two year old at the time. I replied not any more honey, not anymore. It felt great to crawl on the floor and play with the kids and completely without pain.

About 2 /12 months in, a friend of mine had asked me to run in a Cancer Charity run in memory of her Mother. I agreed and drove back to my home town where I had grown up and went to school. As I was registering at the booth I saw my friend and said hi. She's seen more a few months before but for some reason said hello and acted strange. It then dawned on me that she had no idea who I was. I approched her again and repeated my hello and flashed her a cheesy smile she then shouted my name and said she had no idea who I was when I first said hello.

With the sound of the gun the race started, it was much more official than the one I had done back in Bakersfield. I ran and loved every moment of it and the energy from Power 90 just flowed through my body. I was even passing highschool kids. To my amazement I took 2nd place in the mens category for my age group. I was wearing a smile from ear to ear and I know it showed on my face. I had so many people approach me and tell me how healthy I looked.

One of the other very very cool things about the message boards are the live chats. You can chat in real time with your Beachbody family and even from time to time with Tony Horton himself and the fitnessadvisors from Beachbody. During a couple of these chats I was asked by them if Iwas going to join them for the Charity Run in LA for Breast and Ovarian cancer. I said no in the beginning. The next chat I was asked again and I felt the tug at my heart strings but yet again I pushed it off with an excuse. Again in the next Chat Tony Horton asked me if I would join them for this very special event to help raise money for a very worthy Charity—this time I said yes.

I was excited by the thought of getting to meet these people that had done so much to change my life and bring me away from just being someone not living life but wasting it and watching it go bye. The day before the run I took my daughter to the park where the tree had defeated me. I told one of them that no matter what happens take pictures of me and this tree. My daughter Amanda became a little concerned and told me to please be careful. I looked at her with that new twinkle in my eyes and said don't worry, this time daddy is going to win. My daughter stepped back and counted and in less than 5 seconds I was up the tree and she even said I looked just like a squirel running upa tree.

The next day I was at the Revlon Run walk for Women's Breast and Ovarian Cancer. There were over 60,000 people there to help raise money for the cause. Many of my Beachbody family made donations and I was able to raise over $2,000. I waited for the Beachbody group to show up and when they did I found them all to be such real people and very concern about the event. I also found them to be concerned about me and all of us using their programs. Tony Horton was bigger than life and a true hero to so many people. I saw her a few times that day truly being touched by all that was going on around them as they are were. Debbie Siebers was also a real and wonderful person. I was very amazed and impressed with this Company and the way they truly care about people.

I finished Power 90 last week and to this day have not lost over 52 lbs. and feel to be in the best shape of my life. I've lost more weight than what my two youngest weigh in total. I can out run my 18 Year old niece and my 19 year old Nephew. I had to fib to my wife about my weight in the beginning of this program, she was so upset with my health and so worried she'd wake up and I would have had a stroke or heart attack in my sleep and died. I used to tell her I weighed 10 pounds less then I actually do. No more lies. I am alive and full of life, I want to share it with everyone. It feels good the be to be high on life and I am so jazzed.

One last thing before I post my stats. I have so many things I'd like to tell you about but I will stop with this last one. A few weeks before starting P90 we had a bathroom break down at work. The water from the toilet just keep running and running. We'd called out maintenance but it was taking days for them to come. I was tired of waiting so me and about 3 other guys decided we'd fix it. I got down on one knee and reached behind the toilet to turn off the water. I still remember my gut pulling me down as I lowered myself. Well the guys were standing behind me and when I squated down they saw the biggest, more huge and scariest plumbers crack in the world. I remember them laughing at me and making fun of me and I heard about it for days. I remember them spreading the story of Tony's grand cayon butt crack around the company. Well now when those same guys look at me, I see in their eyes they now wish they were just like me.

Beachbody, Tony Horton and Power 90 Thank you with all my heart. In 90 Days, you did change me life forever.

I experienced a lot of size difference over the 90 day period. I lost a lot of size throughout my body and regained my size but not with fat but lean muscle.

Tony M.

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