2002 Hawaii Trip


Dear Beachbody:

Ninety days goes by so quickly! ! I cannot believe that I completed the entire program without skipping one single workout – a huge accomplishment for me! ! I am very excited about the changes in my body but more importantly how I feel about myself! ! I owe all of this to Tony H. & Beachbody (for creating such as awesome program), my boyfriend, Jason, aka Big J on the message boards, (for telling me about the Power 90 infomercial that he saw while on a business trip in San Diego) and to myself (for making the commitment and doing it! ! )

I remember when I first visited the Power 90 Web Site I couldn't believe all the wonderful results people were achieving with this program. It was amazing. During the last five years I've tried so many different things to lose those unwanted pounds and to get in shape because I've never been really excited about the way I looked. I even joined a gym a couple years ago hoping that the $1,200 I spent on a lifetime membership would help me stay motivated. I went to the gym on and off and even met with a trainer once a week for a few months. Unfortunately, I felt like all the boot camp classes, weight lifting routines and cardio workouts were not doing me any good because I didn't notice any changes in my body whatsoever. Then it got to be too much of a hassle to get to the gym. Luckily for me, I now have a complete Beachbody gym right in my living room that consists of Power 90, Power Half Hour, the Great Body series, a TV, VCR and a set of dumbbells (and don't forget that towel and water! )So much for that lifetime membership to the gym! ! !

Jason and I set out a goal to achieve Beachbody status by July! ! Having someone doing the same program makes it a lot easier commit to eating healthy and staying accountable to the workouts, which makes the message boards such a great addition to the program. The inspiration and support I received on the message boards kept me extremely motivated. I cannot begin tell you how many times a day I browsed the Before and After Power 90 Photo Gallery and read all the wonderful comments from members who posted on my 30 and 60 day progress threads! It was awesome. I feel like I've acquired another family through those boards! !

Having an awesome, toned, body has always been a dream for me. But I never really thought I could do it. But now, I KNOW I can – and I will because I know what it takes – a healthy lifestyle. I can honestly say that I have NEVER in my 29 years been so committed to making this dream a reality. I have the foundation now, but this is only the beginning. Round 2 of Power 90 started on Monday July 8th. I have been mixing in the PHH series to work on my trouble spots and by October 5th (day 180)—- watch out! ! ! ! Thank you Beachbody! !


Tami H. (aka Tamus)

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