2002 Hawaii Trip


My story may be a little different than most. I didn't start the Power 90 for myself. I started it for my wife. She is my best friend and I have watched her struggle with her weight for years. She would go on starvation diets only to lose and gain it right back. I though if we did this together, it would help keep her motivated. Because of my work, I started a month after she did. I didn't think that would make much difference but during the first cardio workout I asked her " do you know how much I love you?" because I was about to die. I was determined to keep up with her. I really didn't know I was that bad out of shape. She took my Day 1 pic and then I knew just how out of shape I was. A picture really tells all.

Everyday we got up and pushed play. Some days it was hard to get started, but it felt so good afterwards. People at work were amazed to see my transformation so quick. There were those that would say "you don't need to lose any more weight" but then there were those that would say "My, you're looking fit. " That made me feel so good!

Thank you Beachbody and Tony Horton for coming up with a doable program. Instead of having a middle life spread at 42, I'm healthier and more fit than I was at 22. It has given my wife and me a new outlook for our future. I'm at the end of my second and will continue to use Power 90 to maintain my results and keep a more active lifestyle. We have learned since getting Power 90 how important diet and exercise is to enjoying life to its fullest. We also consider Power 90 to be an investment in our reirement FUND! ! ! ! !

Thanks so much,

Steve B. , "SteveO"

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