2002 Hawaii Trip

May 2002


Dear Beachbody. com,

"I just have to say thanks first of all because I never knew I could look like this! Slim in 6 is the best program I have ever done and just because my 6 weeks is over doesn't mean I am going to stop it! I truly enjoy the workout and have seen incredible results.

"I've had 2 babies and am a full time student. Between being a mother, wife, student, cook, maid, etc I had not taken care of myself very well. My New Year resolution was to get in shape so I would feel better about myself. I wasn't huge but had plenty of fat and no energy!

"I could never wear tight shirts because I had fat rolls that hung over the side of my jeans. I always had to buy baggy style pants because my thighs were so big and giggly! My thighs have always been an eye sore to me. They have been big and resembled cottage cheese when I sat down. I hated my husband seeing me without clothes because when I walked everything that wasn't supposed to jiggle did!

"I've always been a big Beachbody. com fan and have many of your products. I had amazing results after my second baby with Thin Thigh Guaranteed but since then I had let myself go again. When I saw Slim in 6 and recognized Debbie from the Thin Thighs I ordered the program and the supplements that same night.

"It came in about a week and I began with the 2 day fast and only drank water. The fast totally prepared me to begin the program. My humongous appetite was gone and I was ready to go. Throughout the 6 weeks there were only 2 times I was supposed to workout that I didn't.

"I started with Start It Up and after 2 days moved on to Ramp It Up. In the middle of week 2 I started Burn It Up. I was very dedicated and motivated by the Messages Boards and free Hawaii trip contest!

"I posted my progress often on the message Boards on Beachbody. com and after a few weeks had several people waiting to hear how I was doing and saying I was an inspiration to them! Well, of course I had to finish so I wouldn't let the others down! However, the person I helped the most was I!

"I feel so great! I have much higher self-esteem! I have a ton of energy and I am proud to be me!

"I went from a size 12 jeans (with fat rolls hanging over the sides) to a loose size 6. My whole body is toned and firm. My waist is tiny, my lower abs (pouch) is almost non-existent and my thighs have never looked better. Just look at my picture!

"When my husband took the final pictures he kept saying I looked like I was sucking my gut in... I was happy to say I don't have a gut anymore and that is the way I look now! Thanks again for providing a way for me to feel better, have support, and reach my goal! "

Misty P.

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