2002 Hawaii Trip


My story. . .

I have been overweight most of my adult life. Like so many, I have tried every diet imaginable and would succeed in losing the weight only to gain it back plus some. The way I would lose the weight wasn't something I could do for very long. You can only drink liquids for so long. With each failure, it brought me down a little bit more. I was beginning to think it was a cycle that I would never break. Being overweight does so much more harm to a person than feeling bad and being unhealthy. It robs you of self esteem and makes you feel so inadequate because in your mind it is something that you could overcome if you were just strong enough.

I was waiting up for my daughter to come home one night and saw the Power 90 infomercial on TV. I sat there wondering if I should try ONE more thing. I wasn't up for another failure! I told myself it wouldn't hurt to write the number down and I could decide later about getting it. By the time the infomercial was over, I knew it was for me. I had been interested in weight lifting for some time, but didn't want to go to the gym. Everyone there seems to already be in good shape. I made up my mind before the tapes arrived that I would work hard, eat right, and see what I could do in 90 days. I tried to keep the faith that if it worked for others, it would work for me. It is still hard for me to believe how much better I feel after these first 90 days! I lost 20lbs and 14 inches and I have never felt better. Just the knowledge that I have finally found "my answer" is worth more than I can say.

To Tony and Beachbody — how can I thank you enough. I have finally broken the cycle and I can't tell you what that means to me. I wasn't the failure; I was just doing it wrong. I am strong! I know that by continuing this I can be the best I can be. The support of the website and the message boards was an awesome surprise! I have made friends that have cared, encouraged, and inspired me to do the best I could. Thanks Tony for your Bottom Line thread – it made a difference for me when I was half way through.

It just works, what else can I say.

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