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I began exercising regularly in a local YMCA in 1987, varying routines, using cardio equipment, free weights and weight machines. Exercising and eating right helped me keep my weight down, close to where I wanted to be. After my first child was born (four days before my 40th birthday), I was able to lose my pregnancy weight. I continued my routine at the YMCA until after the birth of my second child. Childcare was available at the Y, however costs put my membership and care over $150. 00 a month for both kids. As a stay at home mom I could not justify the expense. I cancelled my membership for the first time in 11 years. I attempted to work out at home, but was not motivated to keep up a routine. The weight slowly came back. After about two years we moved to a new town, the YMCA there offered a less costly childcare program. Once again, I was back to losing the extra weight. Then I found a private club that offered free childcare. I thought this an ideal situation. As a member there, my workouts exceeded two hours. All went well until they closed the doors 6 months into my new membership. Once again, I was working out, or trying to, at home.

The weight returned again. It was getting to the point where my only pair of jeans were getting snug, I was afraid to wash them for fear I'd never get them on! I wanted to lose weight but knew I needed help. I couldn't do it alone.

I had only see bits of the Power 90 infomercial a few times. Then in a waiting room, I saw it again and wrote down the Beachbody Internet address. They said you could get an entire work out in less than an hour. That impressed me. I'd spend 2 hours in the past, this sounded pretty good. Before the day was out I ordered the program. I ordered the supplements along with the videos to get the best results with the program.

I found the message boards to be very encouraging, they were/are a great motivator for me. Receiving daily emails from fellow "winners" was just what I needed to keep focused on my goal. For me, the message boards made all the difference, joining forces with others on the Power 90 trek helped me to succeed. I didn't have to do this alone. There were others out there I could do it with!

Power 90 has become a way of life for me. I'm not finished yet; from here I will incorporate the Power Half Hour series with Power 90, focusing on abs, buns and thighs.

Anyone reading this that is considering Tony Horton's awesome program, Power 90 In Home Boot Camp, do not hesitate, any longer. This program will change your life. If you put forth the effort you WILL be rewarded. More than you could ever imagine.

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