Jeranelle Y.

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2002 Hawaii Trip


Jaranelle writes:

I am writing to you today to communicate the experience I have had using the products. About 1 year ago, my husband and I were watching TV and happened to flip to your infomercial on Power 90. Both of us had been discussing the need to lose some weight. I personally was the heaviest I had ever been (165 lbs) and looking at increasing another clothing size. After watching the informational program, I told my husband to get on the phone and order it for me. The appeal of the program was not only the testimonials, but the balance of the program and the ease of doing the program at home. A lot of programs focus on the "miracle formula", the "miracle machine", but I hadn't seen anyone focus on exercise, supplements and food plans the way your program did. I know permanent weight loss is a balance of all those things. The last thing is mental readiness, and almost "mentally" ready, the program was just what I needed to do the rest. I felt I was now totally ready to make the commitment to weight loss.

I received the tapes and began the program instantly. I reviewed the information surrounding the Michi's food ladder and instituted a new "food plan". I don't like to call it a diet, because it's not about a short-term thing. It's about maintaining a way of life. Once you get to your objective, you continue the "food plan" and "exercise plan" in order to maintain your weight. Diet also sounds like "the program of the month" and for me, it's not a program of the month but a total life change.

I also began taking the Multi-Vitamin Fat Burning Formula and Women's Formula. The format and pace of the program worked very well for me, as it had been several years since I had really focused on exercising. Working from one tape to the next really helped you feel as if you were accomplishing mini goals to get that final goal of looking good.

It actually took me a couple of times through the Power 90 program to begin feeling like I had really accomplished something. (In other words, I didn't have the washboard stomach after 90 days). That was OK, because it didn't take me 90 days to put on all that weight, so I knew it was going to take some continued effort.

After maintaining using a combination of running and free weights for a while. (Sorry, but I got a little burned out on the same program so long). I was receiving the newsletters and looking at the bulletin board for support. I then received the promotional newsletter on the Slim in 6 program. After reviewing the information on it, I then moved into the Slim in 6 program. It appeared that this program would really help boost my efforts with toning and support maintaining my focus on exercise by introducing a new program to myself. (Someone new talking me through the exercise and encouraging me). Around the end of April, I ordered the Slim in 6 and began the program. I also added the Performance Formula at that time as well. Again, I appreciated the format of the program (phased approach) and the flexibility of being able to do this program whenever it would fit into my schedule. I really began to notice the muscle definition. Before, I had really been focused on the weight loss and not so much the muscle definition.

Today, I use a combination of the "Keep It Up" or portions from "Burn It Up" from Slim in 6. I also incorporate the abs tape, (alternating between Tony's abs tape from Power 90 and the abs supplement to Slim in 6) as well as the circuit piece level 3 from Power 90 and some jogging. I am still taking all the same supplements as I feel they are part of my life as well. I try to do cardio 3 times a week and weight training at least two times a week.

How do I feel? I am currently maintaining at 116 lbs. I feel great, and I am extremely happy with my physical appearance. (I even wore a two-piece on our recent trip to California). (If you really want confirmation of what you have accomplished, look at a videotape that has you in it before you started this program). (I was mortified at my physical appearance). It just reinforces you don't ever want to look and feel that way again). What's really great is, I don't require as much sleep, and I have more energy. The physical strength I have realized has reduced lower back pain (which would usually come after a long day of house cleaning or yard work. I even painted the outside of our house this year). I also used to experience pain in arches of my feet if I was on my feet and didn't have some type of shoe on with arch support. I can walk bare-footed all day and my feet don't hurt.

I have worked on weight loss a couple of times after child birth, but this is the first time that I am within a few pounds of my weight when I was married 19 years ago. I have had a number of people stop me at work and ask me what I am doing. One individual whom I have know for 10 years stated "this is the smallest I have ever seen you! "As a result, a few of the people I have talked with have also subscribed to your program. My extended family was also very interested in what I was doing. My mom and sister are now also subscribing to parts of your program, as they were impressed with the results. My mom's had members of her work begun subscribing to your program as a result of her weight loss and the experience I have had with it.

It has been just about a year since I first started with your programs (August 16th, 2001). Exercise, supplements and healthy eating are now a normal part of my life. Having access to the tapes is just like having Tony or Debbie right here, encouraging me to keep it up. We just recently went on vacation, and I have found you can still maintain even while on vacation. I took the tapes and bands, and I exercised a few days a week before we began our day. I also ate just as it I was at home. You just have to put a little more effort in planning where you will eat. I took oatmeal and fruit with me as most hotels now have instant coffee makers in the rooms for brewing hot water. I have also added a couple of glasses of green tea to my daily fluid intake. I carry tea bags in my purse.

Thank you for sharing your program with me. I made a small financial investment compared to what I would have spent in a gym or by accessing a personal trainer. I appreciate the fact that I am able to tap into programs, chats and newsletters of personal trainers without the cost of a personal trainer. Tony and Debbie both are very passionate about being healthy and it shows in the tapes. I appreciate their willingness to share that in the format they have. I look forward to the next program.

Jarenelle Y. - Extremely Satisfied Customer

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