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Dear Beachbody,

Over the years I have tried many new exercise programs but have generally been disappointed that I wasted time and money on something that did not work. In the case of your Power 90 program however, the results could not have been more surprising – in fact they were remarkable!

I tend to be very skeptical, so when friends in Miami told me about your program I politely listened but had no intentions of trying it. In subsequent conversations they continued to rave about their results using Power 90. They told me to at least go to the web site and check it out. I did and I was intrigued by the results of others on the program.

I should explain that at that point in my life I had reluctantly given in to the notion that at 41 I would most likely be overweight and out of shape for the rest of my life. I had tried dozens of workout routines and have been a member of a fitness club for years. The most that I had been able to accomplish was a slight reduction in weight and marginal muscle gain. Going to the fitness club was expensive and time consuming. I was working out 2 hours a day, four times per week in a crowded gym where I found myself wasting time waiting to get on the equipment. I basically believed that the only way to lose weight and tone muscle was to be at the gym every day for hours. With Power 90, I had the tapes to follow which kept me on track without any interruptions. The workouts were fun and went very quickly. By following the videos, I was less distracted and the workouts flew by. I also thought that I would need a lot of space but I have been able to work out in a 4' x 8' space.

When the Power 90 products arrived I became even more skeptical. How could this possibly work?As I looked through the materials, the first thing that caught my eye was the diet guide – it made sense to me. I was expecting to have to drastically change my diet, but according to the diet guide I was already eating many recommended foods. I really only had to change when and how much I ate.

After about two weeks of doing Power 90 I was really getting excited. In fact, I was embarrassed to take before pictures, so I didn't take my first pictures until I was 14 days into the program and I had already lost 10 lbs. I wish I had taken them on Day 1. I could actually feel and see the changes in my body. The whole concept of increasing your metabolism is so simple but so important. By Day 30 friends, family and co-workers began to notice the changes and wanted to know I was doing it. By the end of the 90 days, I was amazed at how much I had changed. I had lost 37 lbs and 5" off my waist. Physically I was in great shape, had much more energy and feel so much healthier. I still can't believe that, with the help of Beachbody, I was able to develop a body like I have always admired and can be proud of.

I stopped by my gym the other day and several people had asked me how I got so defined and toned since I hadn't been to the gym in 90 days. Many people have been motivated by what I have been able to accomplish in such a short time that they have started the program themselves.

I feel that Power 90 works so well because it is a complete system of cardio, resistance training, diet and supplements. The program is designed for anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. This has now become a part of my life.
Thank you Beachbody. I'm a very satisfied customer and would recommend this program for anyone.

Power on,

Henry F.

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