Dodi H. & Leah R.

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2002 Hawaii Trip



We would like to begin by saying hello and thank you to all of you at Beachbody. com. Our success came from one part our desire to commit to each other, one part holding each other accountable to follow the plan as designed and two parts the awesome staff at Beachbody. com. We can honestly say that if it hadn't been for Yolanda answering the phone and convincing us to try it we would have never even started. We would also like to mention her supervisor, Cintra, who also played an important role in our success. These two women handled us with unbelievable kindness and professionalism and we owe much of our success to them. Thank you from the depths of our hearts.

Let me introduce my sister and myself to you and share with you what an awesome life changing experience the Slim-in-6 program has been for us. My sister is Leah Rivers, age 37, married and mother of two girls (ages 3 & 16). She weighed in at 137 lbs and stands 5'7" tall and loves clothes. Her sixteen-year-old daughter, who could be a runway model and is a clothes connoisseur herself, left Leah feeling challenged to fit the same outfits. After having her second child she never did fit back into many of her clothes. So she gave them all away thinking it would never happen. In the back of her closet though, she purposely saved a pair of shorts that she wore after her first child was born. It was in the hopes of maybe one day fitting into them again. She was very much involved in trying many avenues of weight loss. After seeing the infomercial the attitude was the same let's try, but the approach to this program was different because we said let's commit. She now had a partner to be accountable to.

I am Dodi Hoover, age 35, married and mother of three boys (ages 10, 12 & 15). I, at 5'2" and 162 lbs was very unhappy with my weight and the shape of my body. Having three C-sections and being a home school mom made keeping the weight off a challenge, not to mention the fact that I love food. I've tried many different diets over the years to only end up worse off than when I started. I always felt I looked like a barrel with legs sticking out of it. My legs have always been pretty thin but my back, chest, midsection and rear looked something like the Michelin man, one roll after another. Thank God my husband loves me as much as he does and he never commented negatively about my weight or body shape. He's always told me I'm beautiful and sexy and no-one could make him happy like I do. Well, as much as those words have meant to me over the years, I couldn't help hating my reflection in the mirror. I wanted to feel and see myself as beautiful and sexy too. Finding something to wear was always the worst experience. I never liked what I wore or how I looked in it. I wasn't depressed, just disgusted.

The morning we stumbled on the infomercial my niece said to us, "What's six weeks?You guys can do anything for six weeks if you do it together. "It sounded great to us and so we called ready to make a positive change in our lives.

There was a little bit of a glitch when we made the call to order the products. We were under the impression that the resistance bands came with the program and it was costing us a little more than we wanted to spend. So when we told the operator to cancel the order it was already too late she had pushed the button to process it and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. This is where Yolanda came into the picture. She understood our dilemma and our desire to better our lifestyle. She did everything she could to convince us to try the system. Her response was "What have you got to lose?You'll either get the results you're looking for or you'll get your money back. "We couldn't argue with that and began counting the days for the program to arrive in the mail.

The two days of fasting was tough, but we did it and noticed a difference immediately. We could only consume small portions of foods that normally we would have eaten more than our bodies needed. Things that weren't sweet to us before were now sweet. We kept record of every meal throughout the six weeks and beyond to help ourselves be accountable when we weren't together. It was very helpful planning our week of meals in advance. If we weren't together we had a meal plan to stick to and the desire to snack or eat something not listed was lessened. We also had fun being very creative with the foods on MICHI's ladder. Shopping for everything was even more fun.

The Start It Up tape was great because we both had used video aerobics in the past and found ourselves too sore to continue and giving up was easier. With this system we were sore but it wasn't the same. It was like we felt the muscles we worked enough to know that we were using them. It was not a pain we couldn't handle and wanting to work out again was not a struggle.

Taking the before pictures and measuring ourselves was embarrassing, especially when the thought of anyone else seeing them came to mind. However, when we made it through the first three weeks our habits were established and we were starting to see and feel some real results. Yes, in as little as three weeks we started to notice a difference in the fitting of our clothes. The prospects of what our after pictures would be like excited and motivated us further.

When the time finally came to take the after pictures and do our measurements both of us were amazed at the results. Leah finally fit back into those shorts hidden in the back of the closet. She was so excited because they were confirmation of her of how much she actually lost and they no longer will collect dust. She is also fitting into her sixteen-year-old daughter's clothes and the majority of mine were falling off me. It was really the greatest feeling to not be able to find something to wear because it was too big instead of too small. The difference in the before and after photos left us both not believing our eyes. Of course we want to look even better than we did in our after photos, but were more than pleased with the results.

After six weeks I have lost 22 lbs making my weight only 140 lbs and I have lost a total of 23_", 9_" of which was from around my waist. I am so excited about the shape of my body that I, for once in my life, do not dread the idea of trying on new clothes. I went down about 4 dress sizes and I'm wearing some clothing items marked small instead of extra large. I also look forward to going to the beach. It's been a long time since I felt this good about the way I look. My husband is so proud of me and has been motivated to change his eating habits as well. With him eating the same foods that I am I have no doubt I can lose additional pounds and inches and keep it off. In fact, now in the tenth week of continuing to eat, exercise and take my supplements, I have lost an additional 2 pounds and now weigh 138 lbs – Yahoo! ! !

Leah has lost 16 lbs now weighing a very slim 121 lbs. She also lost 15_", 4" from around her waist and 2" off each thigh. She is once again going back to the beach in a two-piece bathing suit. Not quite the hard body yet but much more confident in how she looks. She feels that she has found a lifestyle of eating habits and types of foods that will never be the same. The desire to over-eat and crave the wrong types of food is a thing of the past. People have come up to her and expressed, at first, they thought she was Brittany, her sixteen-year-old daughter. This has proven the significance of the physical change she has undergone. Brittany has always told her mom that she was skinny and pretty and looked good in clothes. Now she acknowledges a very significant difference in her body shape and is proud of her mom's results.

With our new lease on life we once again thank you all for providing a wonderful system that has made our lives healthier. Bless you all and enjoy our photos.

Most sincerely,

Dodi H. & Leah R.

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