2002 Hawaii Trip

January 2002

Power 90
Before After
Weight 209 179
Body Fat 17% 7.5%
Chest 43.5 45
Waist 36 31.5
Hips 43 36
Right Arm 16 17
Left Arm 16 17
Right Thigh 23 23
Left Thigh 23 23

"Dear Carl, Jon and Tony,
"If you were to ask my friends how much they made fun of me for ordering an "Infomercial Fitness Program" back in early August 2001, they would probably admit it but they'd also tell you the incredible difference they've seen in me over the last 90 days.

"Part of me just wants to show you only the photos so you can see the transformation, but I am such a true believer in this system that I feel like I need to share the story of my total body & mind transformation experience. As Tony said, the goal is to "get into the best shape of your life" and I did. So flip to the pictures and progress report if this gets a bit long-winded.

"The reason I decided to try Power 90 is very simple. I'd gotten lazy; out of the habit of eating good food, in correct quantities at the right time and had a sporadic workout schedule. I travel very regularly for work, often working into the evenings. My clothes were tight (or not being used) and I went "untucked" every chance I could to hide the extra 25 pounds I'd gained over the last 5 years. I was also tired of continually sucking in my stomach to appear thinner. I had seen the Power 90 commercial 1 time and saw Carl and Jon's before & after pictures - regular guys who owned the company, tried the program and saw results. I watched the commercial a few more times, continued eating late desserts and candy bars before bed and promising myself that I wouldn't eat so much "tomorrow". I'm glad you have a healthy advertising budget because after 6 times of watching, I decided, if Carl and Jon could do it, so could I.

"I was about to go out to dinner with friends when I was fed up with having to untuck my shirt and decided that I had to order the program. So as we walked to dinner, I ordered the full program, tapes, resistance bands, supplements, everything. I can still hear my 4 friends asking who I was talking to, and I told them - The Power 90 People. That's when the jokes first started. "Why would you waste your money?", "Do you really expect it to work?", "That program can't possibly do what it says! " and "Better get the Guarantee! ". I know my level of discipline (not much in recent years) and decided that I was going to follow the program as it was laid out - not get creative and go off on my own after a week or so -I was committed to doing Power 90 the way it was meant to be done.

"My Power 90 program came in about 9 days - and I had enjoyed getting my last bit of chocolate, cake and morning doughnuts in before the transformation was going to begin. Once I got the box, I opened it up and realized I HAD to do this. I was ready. I spent the night reading the Transformation Tracker, Diet and Program Guides. Then I went to the grocery store, picked up only food on Michi's top 2 rungs of the ladder, bought a food scale and sat at the Health Computer in the store to get a reading of my health stats. Then I went home and took a few pictures UGH!

"The next morning, I set my alarm clock for 6am. Needless to say, I got up around 6:15 and pulled myself into my workout clothes and popped in the first video. Ok, 6:30am I was ready to go, and felt pretty good. I followed the workout as close as I could but managed to finish with a healthy sweat! Now came the real challenge, changing my eating schedule and food habits. The first day, my hunger was out of control. I had eaten breakfast, morning snack and couldn't WAIT for lunch. But for the first week I managed to eat exceptionally well and stuck to the workouts every day. I cut out all caffeine, no coffee or Cokes (hard to do since I work for Coca-Cola and have an unlimited supply at work all day) and drank water, lots of it, to trick myself into feeling full.

"After the week was over, I was pretty grumpy, having drastically changed my food intake and diet. But after week 2, my motivation and body were telling me things were getting better. The hardest part of anything new is just starting.

"I progressed along and the time flew by and each day, I was seeing more and more results. After 30 days, my stomach felt much tighter, clothes were fitting better and my energy level was very high. I saw some great results in those 1st 30 days and so did the people I work with. . People were noticing my face thin out some, but I knew there were a lot more changes going on.

"After 5 weeks, I changed from the 1/2 workouts to the 3/4 and the first week, felt like I was back at the beginning - tired, worn out and soaked with sweat. I LOVED IT! My next 30 days really began to tone me up and get me leaner. Around Day 75, I was seeing incredible results; abs, lean arms and quads and a much more defined back. With this, my motivation sank for about 2 days, but maintained the eating habits (don't want to call it a diet)-I had hit my target weight of 185 lbs. But being as driven as I had become, I refocused my energy to finish out the program. And I'm glad I did!

"That brings me to last week. I finished my program the Day after Thanksgiving - watching my friends and family pile into the kitchen for 2nds & 3rds of food. I managed to keep focused, ate some of just about everything and finished off with a "sliver of a slice of pie". For the first time in a number of years, I walked away from the Thanksgiving table not clutching my gut and crashing on the sofa.

"So you can see from my progress over the last 90 days, I am yet another VERY satisfied customer. Friends and associates ask me how I did it, and I gladly tell them. Many of them have ordered the program and ask me how to do it. I simply tell them to follow the book -I did. Your program works, not something I ever expected, and all without spending 2 hours in the gym, eating thick globby shakes or taking a multitude of supplements. My only downside is that I needed to buy new clothes since mine were falling off me -I can live with THAT! ! !

"So thank you for demonstrating that normal guys can succeed with this program and making it fun and easy to do. Tony is very inspirational and a great motivator, funny and genuine. The support system at Beachbody. com with the message boards and other GREAT info provide great tools for those who have questions, need support and a forum for those who want to share their experiences.

"Feel free to post my picts if you wish -I would have myself, but my digital photo files were too large. "

Best regards always,

Dick C.

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