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2002 Hawaii Trip


Dear Beachbody,

I was wide-awake one night eating ice cream and watching TV. When I saw the power ninety advertisment. Flipping through the channels I couldn't help but go back to the voice of Tony Horton who was so motivating. With my eyes peeled I watched and listened to all the success stories. My heart was in my stomach I couldn't help but think how much weight I gained since I had started college two years ago and never lost it. I am 21 and I weighed 168 lb. The biggest I have ever been in my whole life. My jeans were a size 14-16 and they were still tight. I was unhappy and found my self-indulging in food to make me feel better. The reality of that was far from true. I would eat till I was over stuffed and the feel ten times heavier and tired and I often felt guilty. That night will have changed my life forever. I put down the ice cream and made the call. After the phone call I had already began to feel better.

The next couple of days seemed like forever waiting for my video's to arrive. One night I was so excited I went to the grocery store. I was going to make a total body change. I bought fruits veggies and skinless chicken, fish and turkey. No more microwave pizza and macaroni and cheese or college funk food. Once I received the videos I waited for my roommates to go to class and started the workout. I new their schedule and began to make my own workout schedule so I wouldn't disturb anyone from doing school work. I enjoyed the videos very much. I especially love the little timer in the right hand corner of the video. It often kept me motivated. When I felt like giving up I would look at the clock and push my self a little harder. Before I knew it a month went by.

The next month a little harder but because I saw results I was more motivated to keep going. I was invited to a lot college parties and being a transfer student I went to a lot of them. I was so proud of my changes I kept a bottle of water with me at all times and I refused all drinks that were offered to me. I didn't want to rack up on the empty calories. Or have a case of the munchies after in the early morning. I still had fun and everyone at the party was really great and happy about m decisions.

Now it is seven months later I am 135. I can see these little AB muscles showing sometimes. I have also noticed a dramatic change in the cellulite content on my thighs. All the new opportunities have arise for me,I was just picked to go to providence RI for Model Search America. This summer I have pranced all over the beach in my new (size medium) bikini and all the summer shorts I have not worn in two years. I just had a photo shoot with a local photographer who is building his modeling portfolio. My modeling career is off to a good start. I also can't wait to go back to school and be able to share clothes with my two tiny roommates.

I recommend power ninety to everyone especially if I get a compliment on my weight. I tell them that I couldn't have done it withoutBeachbody. My sincere thanks go out to you guys. Thank you so much, I am thrilled about my new lifestyle ad my new commitment to my body.

Thanks Beachbody and special thanks to Tony Horton.

Christine S.

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