Caroline W.

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2002 Hawaii Trip


I am not good at keeping things short and sweet so here is the long version:

I was born deaf and the age of four was mainstreamed into the hearing world (hearing aids, years of intense speech therapy, attended "normal" schools). Learned to speak but that didn't make me hear any better which generated years of absolutely misery and utter social isolation as I tried to adjust living in a world where I couldnt understand the radio, the TV, the telephone, the teachers, people who wear sunglasses, and men with beards and couldnt lip-read people if they have spinach in their teeth, I get too distracted by the spinach). Also couldn't participate in group conversations which pretty much left me out of every family meal, classroom discussions and hampered my social life to a great extent.

My hearing aids give me enough hearing to hear vowels but not consonants. (Ex. when I hear "be", "me", "see", all I hear is "e" so lip-reading comes in handy most of the time. if you don't mumble, we'll get along just fine).

I had always seen the Power90 infomercial on television and each time was a little tempted to get their videos. It wasn't until late one night last September of 2001 after a tv and junk food binge session and feeling as if I was actually rotting from living this way that the desire to do something about it turned into a need. I had been living as a single mother since I was twenty and this lifestyle combined with deafness was riddled with high stress, anxiety, and depression. I just couldn't take it anymore, I needed to change myself and my mindset so my life could change for the better. The next morning the Power90 infomercial was on tv again, but this time I watched the whole thing for once and really listened to what Tony was saying. And liked what I heard. He didn't make any improbable guarantees, he didn't promise my life would become a fairytale if I buy a gadget, a pill or a liquid. He simply said that if we do his cardio, resistance training and nutrition guide for three months and worked hard, we would definitely see results. Well, that makes total sense, I thought, I like this guy.

So I went online to check out Power90. com, reading all I could find out about the videos, read all the before and after posts on the message boards, in fact, read all the posts on the message boards and from doing so, realized I could trust Power90. It was straightforward, honest, sensible and practical. That was such a refreshing difference from the other fitness/weight loss commercials that seemed far too good (or ridiculous or insulting to one's intelligence) to be true.

So I ordered the Power90 videos at last. I went out and got some second hand weights so I could start right away once the videos arrived. I have done fitness videos before, the aerobic kind of videos but they were not fun like the Power90 ones. Tony was likeable and personable which made it easier for me to push that play button. There were days when I really didn't want to exercise and yet find myself pushing play 11 oclock at night just so I didn't let that day end without having exercised. I had never been that committed to getting fit before. Tony asked on the message boards one day "What will it be today, the joy of discipline or the pain of regret?" I don't think he realizes how potently meaningful that question is for me. It has become my motto and when I start to feel discouraged or lazy or unmotivated, I would hear Tony's voice in my head asking that question and each and every time, I would be propelled into motion.

Later on, for sake of variety, I ordered the Great Body series.

I really enjoyed the results I was getting from the Power90 videos. It was the first time that I became committed to being fit, to doing the exercises diligently, to eating better. In fact, I so enjoyed the weight training part of Power90 that it got me interested in bodybuilding. Tony made it look so easy and simple and it was! That's the best part, it is not that the exercises were easy but they were easy to follow. No loud music, no fast and impossible choreography, no loud sets or outfits. Just real people. The exercises, although intense, were very effective, within two weeks I was already posing in front of the mirror having fun flexing brand new muscles. Little did I know then that that was only the start of many more changes to come. Since I started working out to Power90 a year ago, I lost about 15 pounds, I went from a 32 or 34 inch waist to a 29 inch waist pants, I actually like looking at myself in the mirror from the neck down, I havent had any back pain in almost a year, my depression has disappeared, I quit smoking, I now eat very clean as a lifestyle, not as a short term solution and I am training to be a competitive bodybuilder. I am taking a YMCA fitness instructor course specializing in individual conditioning. As you can see, many changes and monumental ones at that too.

And now I found out I won a trip to Hawaii through a Beachbody contest. This means I am having my first vacation in 12 years. Can my life possibly get any better?

None of this would have happened if I hadn't ordered the Power90 videos a year ago. For this, I am truly grateful to Tony Horton and Beachbody. com, more so than I am capable of expressing.

Caroline W.

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