2002 Hawaii Trip


Mr. Tony Horton,
Big Jon Congdon,
The illustrious Carl Daikeler,
Beachbody Crew,

My personal thanks to you all!
What a program! —and moreover, a welcome introduction to a completely new lifestyle. It's tough to know where to begin. . . ah, but how 'bout just days before the notorious Day 1.

In late April 2002, my fiancé (now wife), Stefanie, told me about an exercise program that she'd seen on TV and heard incredible things about from friends. After a final visit to Beachbody. com, she was convinced that Power 90 was for us.

I had some doubt, but had also allowed myself to fall (deeply) out my gym routine (for some 6 months) and into, what I felt was, the worst shape of my life. As a design director and business manager, my work was (and is still) very project/timeline specific, at times demanding 12-15 hr. workdays. Of course, I used this to rationalize and justify my poor form and health. I was tired of my own excuses, and the imbalance I had created in my life. I knew, however, that my extended gym-neglect was symptomatic of something deeper. . . "I hate the gym. " When it comes to working out, I've never been a social person; but, have tried to push myself into the gym environment to get the workout I didn't think I could get at home. In my life outside of work (and formerly school) I enjoyed sports with their base in singular achievement and/or those that allowed me the time to spend with close, like-minded friends. (i. e. : mountain-biking, rock-climbing, surfing, running, extended hikes, etc. )

So, it goes. To lend support to my BEST 'like-minded friend' and drive toward being in good health and fitness once again, I began the Power 90 program with Stefanie on 9 May 2002. I don't think we realized how challenging the program would be, both mentally and physically; but, from Day 1 we embraced it as a changed-for-the-better lifestyle. It's been incredible. Working hard at something besides 'work', sweating, seeing results and just feeling better.

As Stefanie has mentioned, we kept each other much more motivated and on-target than either of us may have been on our own. We changed our eating habits dramatically, buying more and healthier food at the market, bringing it to work for lunches and snacks, and eating out much less. Reviewing Michi's Ladder is always Step 1 to making our grocery list. Preparing post-workout dinner became a lot of fun for me. . . our portions decreased, the positive list and its effects goes on.

With the workouts: we began 1/2 with a gasp (or two) and plenty of sweat. After the 1st week, Stefanie and I were both sore but determined to push on. Shortly after Day 30, we felt that we had mastered 1/2 and previewed 3/4 one evening. Wow! Now we knew what we were getting into and we supposed it would be a difficult transition. It was (again for the first week or so of adjustment), but was well worth it. Now, after more than 90 days and 50+ days of doing 3/4, I can do more push-ups than I've ever been able to do, increase my weight progressively in the dumbbell routines, and get a great cardio-workout without feeling like my heart is in my throat. My personal goal was not to lose too much weight, but to use Power 90 to redistribute and build muscle in the 'right' places. I'm succeeding. . . and I say succeeding because I'll keep going and going from here.

We're unbelievably happy, to say the least. Most importantly, with the success we've had and the balance we've found together, Stefanie and I are motivated to continue living this lifestyle. Married and ever-fit.

Personally, I'm excited again to enjoy the other physical activities of my past. . . We'll take Power 90 to, at least 120, but then I'll want to talk to you guys for advice RE: a strong structure for maintenance. What's next?

Thanks again guys. Beautiful work.

Brian P. M.

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