Scott and Tina D.

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2002 Hawaii Trip

June 2002

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Tina writes:
In early December, my husband informed me he purchased a new exercise program over the Internet. Needless to say, I was less than happy. In our current stack of videos, we already had 6 - 8 exercise tapes, and one full-fledged weight loss program, that collects dust and is never used. He assured me this one was different. . .

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Scott writes:
My experience with Power 90 started after I watched the infomercial for the program during the Thanksgiving weekend. I saw the exercises being done and realized that this program looked tough but it also looked like the program I had been searching for. I liked the idea of mixing the cardio/abs and strength training. I was very impressed by the before and after photos of past participants. . .

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Tina's letter continued. . .

The day our tapes and supplements arrived he opened them like an excited kid at Christmas. At this point, you can probably tell who was the motivator and who was the driving force. We watched the first two tapes to see what was in our future. My first response was that I would never be able to do many of these exercises. Last year in May, I suffered a severe injury to my left ankle resulting in three broken bones. Surgery was needed to repair the injury. I now have a plate and II screws holding me together. In November, my orthopedist told me I should restrict my exercise activities to swimming or riding a stationary bike. I agreed to give the exercises a try and modify them doing only what my ankle could tolerate. Interestingly enough, some of the exercises were the same exercises I was required to do during my physical therapy! ! ! As we progressed through the tapes, I began noticing that I was able to do more and more. I still have to be careful with the exercises that require hopping (especially on bad weather days when I am more achy), but I am attempting to do everything but the cross hops. I must do the modified version of that exercise. I have also progressed to doing male version push-ups. I am up to 20 on a good day.

My husband and I have worked really hard at keeping each other motivated. He has also become more involved in the meal planning. Each night we sit down together and plan our menu and our snacks for the next day. This helps take the pressure off of me. I no longer hear, "We're having chicken again" because he is suggesting chicken too. We tried to stay with food items on tiers I and 2. We occasionally add items from tier 3 but try to limit those. About one to two times a month we would treat ourselves to items on tier 3 or 4, we did things like a veggie pizza instead of the works. I also have experimented with a wide variety of new lo-cal recipes. Most of the time they turn out great. Once in a while we may decide that a particular recipe should be scraped and never fixed again. The diet was easy to follow because you are able to eat a wide variety of foods. We also ordered the supplements and took them faithfully.

Overall I feel I have done great on this program. I have lost 22 pounds, 24 3/4 inches, and have dropped 2 sizes in clothes. I am now noticing muscle tone in my calves, thighs, and arms. My wardrobe is fairly limited now since everything is getting too big. I have not gone on a major shopping spree because I still have more weight to lose. My husband and I have decided to go another 90 days to reach our weight loss goals. There is one thing I can say about this program that I cannot say about any other program I have tried, I stuck with it! ! ! We exercised faithfully 6 days per/week during our first 90 days. For me this is major. I do not like to exercise and I doubt that I will ever get to a point when I will feel that way. To me exercise rates up there with doing household chores. It is hard work. This program at least makes it tolerable.

Tina D.

Scott's letter continued. . .

I went to the web site and checked out the message boards to see what people were saying about the program. I was most impressed with the before and after photos of real people and decided that I could do this. I had been in the military and, thinking back on the basic training I received, I knew that the combination of cardio and strength training combined with good eating habits, was the same thing used by the military to transform civilians into soldiers. This transformation is both physical and mental. As a 40 yr old law enforcement officer I know the importance of being in top physical condition. I had let myself go and was nowhere near in good physical shape. I needed a good, solid program and this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

I ordered the Power 90 program and the supplements for both my wife and me. When they arrived I decided to go ahead and start the program immediately. The date was December 11th, 2001. The photos were taken and it was time to get started. I started out with the phase 1 and 2 tapes. I was really surprised at just how out of shape I really was. I was struggling to get through the tapes but managed to keep plugging away. My wife and I were both doing the program together and we started planning our menu's daily using the top two tiers of the Michi ladder. We didn't stray too far from this. By the fourth day of the program I noticed my body wasn't as sore as the first couple of days. I attributed this to the taking of the supplements and my body getting used to the routines.

My wife and I kept going at the program 6 days a week and didn't skip a day through the entire 90 days. We stayed with the diet and didn't stray too much. The main thing we did was decrease our portion sizes and stayed away from alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. We did stay strict with the no eating 2-3 hours before bedtime. Prior to starting the program I suffered from chronic heartburn and had to consume antacids daily. With the diet change, I noticed I didn't have the heartburn and haven't had any heartburn since starting on Dec. 11th.

Photos and measurements were taken at each of the 30 day increments. These photos were then posted on the Beachbody Message Boards. As the measurements and photos were showing improvement the motivation stayed high. The hardest part of the program came within the 30-60 day period. Going to the message boards everyday helped. There are a lot of people anxious to pick you up on your down days and kick your tail when your motivation starts to wane. This really helps keep you focused.

After all the hard work, I was able to lose 33 Ibs and 13 3/4 inches within the first 90 days. 5 of those inches were lost from waist. I am continuing to do the workouts 6 days per week with my wife. I am now becoming a walking billboard for Power 90. I have received numerous compliments on my transformation and constantly get asked about what I'm doing to achieve my great results. I tell people that I'm a work in progress and fill them in on what Power 90 has done for me.

My sister has seen my results and now is going to be starting Power 90 to see what kind of results she can get. I can tell her what she can expect if she puts the effort into the program. The Power 90 program isn't easy. You can't just swallow a pill and wake up physically fit and thinner. You have to put in the time and sweat to achieve your goals. What Power 90 does for you is give you the tools to achieve your goals. If an average person like me can stick with the program for 90 days and see results then anyone can do the same.

Extra benefits include being able to participate in other physical activities and having the energy to want to explore other physical challenges. The folks at Power 90 have done their homework and together with Tony Horton, they have put together a phenomenal program that will challenge you to get up off the couch and spend 35-45 minutes a day getting back into the shape your body wants to be in. The steady progression of exercises means that anyone from the most sedentary to the physically fit will benefit from the program. It really is a life changing challenge that everyone should accept. If you can't tell I'm very excited about Power 90 and the changes I have achieved and will continue to achieve.

Thanks Power 90!

Scott D.

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