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August 2002


Have I adopted a Beachbody lifestyle? You bet I have! ! ! And I have Beachbody. com, Tony Horton, my family and myself to thank for that!

For those of you who want to see the results before reading about it, my stats and pics are at the end of this article.

First, a little history about myself. I have been a fat person all my life. No, not overweight or large, or a substantial man, but FAT! I weighed 225 lbs. when I entered high school, and upon graduating, was voted "most likely to eat Pizza Hut out of business! " (Just kidding about that Pizza Hut thing. . . I think it was Domino's! )

I am married, father of three children (ages 22, 18, and 15), and travel 5 days a week for a living. It is very easy to balloon up when you are eating out every meal, sleeping in hotels, and have no time for organized Activities or ways to be active with friends.

At my fattest, I tipped the scales at 320 pounds. But I was the jolly fat man, a happy person! That was the image I tried to present. . . but I knew better.

My family tree has diabetes up both branches, and I am no exception. I was diagnosed as type II diabetic about 8 years ago. My doctor threatened me with insulin instead of oral medication, so I lost about 40 pounds at that time from 290 pounds down to a "svelte" 250 pounds, and avoided insulin injections. But after losing all that and by following a diet from the four food groups (e. g, fast food, fried foods, desserts, and chips), I put on 30 pounds again, taking me up to 280 pounds. I hesitated to check my blood sugar levels, in that no news is good news, right?

But I was happy with myself. (That's what I tried to convince myself and others of. )

In reality, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would probably die before I was 50. I purchased a lot of life insurance to protect my family in the likelihood of my early death. My brother, 10 years older than me, has had several eye surgeries to repair bursted blood vessels in the back of the eye (this is one of the potential consequences of diabetes. ) His eyesight will never get better, only worse. He has permanent numbness in his feet, also a consequence of diabetes. Poor circulation and the subsequent gangrene is why many diabetics have one or both feet amputated. Is this in his future? Only time will tell. But I didn't want either consequence in mine.

It wasn't happening to me. . . yet! And besides, I was happy with myself (yeah. . . right).

So much for the sappy stuff. Here's where the story gets better.

On the occasion of a family wedding, I had packed clothes which, upon putting on for the first time in over a year, didn't fit. I thought, "Man, I need to lose 10-15 pounds, or I will have to buy a new wardrobe of larger clothes again. " So I started dieting, and once again, I was successful in losing weight. I had been dieting for 4 months and had lost 70 pounds in that time! New wardrobe? Yeah, but a smaller one I didn't mind buying.

I felt pretty good about myself. My diabetes was under control from proper diet and exercise once again, but I was afraid that I would put it back on again just as quickly as it came off. In order to try to keep it off, I kept up the exercise routine which enabled me to lose this weight this time around, walking outside or on a hotel treadmill, or using an exercise bike. But treadmills and exercise bikes are boring! Have you ever noticed every exercise room in a hotel has TVs in front of the treadmills and bikes? That is because that kind of workout is BORING! ! ! And walking outside is COLD in the Midwest winters! I needed something else!

Work has me up at 4 am sometimes, and I watch TV while getting ready for work, I saw the Power 90 infomercial at that time one day last March. (As a side note, my wife says I have to stop watching TV at 4 in the morning. . . that is when my sales resistance is lowest! ! ! ) But I saw the Power 90 program, and it looked interesting. And, if I followed it, I wouldn't have to be walking outside in 10 degree weather anymore! Not being one to refrain from taking advantage of any money-back guarantee if I really don't like something, I thought "What the heck, I only have shipping charges to lose". So, I ordered Power 90.

After having walked or biked several days a week for over 6 months, I thought I was in pretty good shape. But the day I tried my first Power 90 workout, Sweat 1-2, IT KICKED MY BUTT! I couldn't believe how much I had to work. Even then, I still couldn't keep up to the end of the routine! I thought this is a real challenge! I don't know what motivated me to try it the next day, but I did And the day after that, and the day after that. Okay, I was in love with the challenge of this workout! I was now keeping up, but it was, and still is a challenge.

Now, after 90 days, I still feel Power 90 is fun, not boring! Even though I watch the same sweating and sculpting workouts every other day, it is still fun to go through them. I awaken early in the morning, force myself to roll out of bed and get on my exercise clothes, start the DVD player, and within minutes I AM INTO IT! ! ! And such a feeling of accomplishment when Tony says "okay see you tomorrow! " I am powered up for the whole day ahead.

The most common complaint I hear from people is that they would love to exercise and get the results I have, if they could only find the time. I look at it this way. . . I get up one hour earlier in the morning, exercise, feel great all day and feel great all day about myself. The downside is that I get tired one hour earlier at night, and wind up going to bed one hour earlier than I would like, but I am only giving up "down time". I am usually only "veggin' out" in front of the TV anyway. Therefore, the net affect is that I am losing nothing of any importance, only gaining my health and self-respect back! Nothing to lose, and only everything to gain! Therefore, bye-bye TV!

One important thing to remember is that I travel for a living 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. I sleep in hotels more than I sleep at home, I eat out every meal while on the road, and I have no options to plan organized sports such as softball, golf, or even bowling because I am only home on weekends. Yet, I made Power 90 work for me, and have adopted the Beachbody lifestyle for good! All I need is the Power 90 DVDs, my laptop computer (with DVD player built in), and the exercise bands from Beachbody. The workout I have with this is incredible! I am still amazed at the intensity of the sculpting workout using no fancy weight machines or gimmicky cable/pulley systems, just a 12 ounce exercise band! I can carry my complete exercise program and all necessary equipment on board an airplane with me in my brief case!

I now choose healthy foods at restaurants, frequent Subway sub shops and Chinese restaurants for steamed veggies, and also enjoy Wendy's for a dinner salad. I can get roasted chicken at any grocery store, remove the skin, eat until I am no longer hungry, and throw the rest away! I use hotel microwaves to heat up low-fat, healthy frozen entrees and veggies, buy a lot of fresh fruits, and just love keeping up on the Beachbody lifestyle!

My evening time in hotels is now spent between work and the Beachbody.com website. Although I am no web crawler (as my son calls it), I try to pay back the Beachbody family. I know I got a lot of encouragement and motivation on the message boards and from viewing the photo galleries, and I even learned how to "talk" to others in a chat room. I now want to pay back the Beachbody family by helping motivate others. I know this program will work for anyone willing to COMMIT to 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week for only 90 days ("from Power to shower in under an hour, remember?) And I want to help anyone else who has committed themselves to the Power 90 program remain motivated, remain enthused, and get in the best shape of their lives!

In my business, I return to the same companies every 6 months. I amaze others who I haven't seen in that time, because I have been following the Beachbody regimen during that time. I get questions all the time, and to everyone who'll listen I tell them of the fantastic Power 90 program and the wonderful Beachbody.com family I have found via the website. I know I have "sold" at least two Power 90 programs, with a possible 4 others so far, and I am now keeping in touch with the two confirmed Power 90 newbies! I only hope their success is as dramatic and fun as mine has been.

I realize that Tony Horton and Beachbody.com didn't do this. . . I did! Tony and Beachbody.com only provided the tools. I look at it this way- they gave me the "hammer and nails" to construct a better body, but I provided the work, the SWEAT EQUITY as they say! They gave me the tools to a lifetime of fitness, and I have become skilled in using those tools! I no longer plan on dying before I am 50. My wife and I now talk about our retirement years together, and I now plan on actually seeing those years. As I write this, I really do have tears in my eyes. . . I thank God for the Beachbody.com team!

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