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March 2002

Day 1

Day 30

Day 60

Day 90

"Let's start out by saying that I have always had a weight problem. At age 16, I was 5'2 and 225 lbs. As time went on, my body changed. I got taller so my weight went down, but not below 175. Three months before I started Power 90, I was weighing 190 lbs. So for those 3 months I tried to stop eating the junk food and I went down to around 173 lbs. However, I still felt unhealthy and overweight.

"I had seen the Power 90 infomercials for over a year and thought about purchasing it, but just kept putting it off. Last December I asked my children if they would be interested in all of us doing the program as a family, and they said they would. So I went ahead and bought it. Well, 3 months have passed by and look at us now! We all feel a lot better about ourselves and have more energy.

"My oldest Daughter and myself are continuing the program for a second round. Robby has changed a lot in his face and his waistline. Christina, still to this day, says that I need to buy her some new clothes because the pants that I bought her at Xmas time are too big for her. She is so happy about that. Even though my 2 youngest children have not completed the program, they are still showing body changes due to all of us eating healthier and in moderation.

"I also want to thank all of the members on the forum for all their input, motivation, and praise. That's what kept us going. "

Robert Mast (a. k. a. Captain Bob)

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