Karlie M.

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February 2002


When my freshman 15 gained during college started to turn into more than 15, I quickly got discouraged with myself. Unfortunately, I didn't do much about it. As I entered dental school, I think I must have gone through another gain of freshman 15 and further weight increase all over again. This time however, my friends and I would try to eat better and encourage each other with different exercise videos we'd buy. Because we were studying 40 hours at school, we didn't want to spend our only free time at the gym.

Finally, one of my friends bought Power 90 and we threw ourselves into it. Unlike other videos, it gives that helpful eating plan, dividing foods into tiers. Unlike other videos, the website has professionals that eagerly answer any questions about diet, exercise, weight loss, muscle gain, etc. so I wasn't left clueless after handing over money for the videos. Also, unlike other videos, I finally found a set that combined cardio with weight training, an already established principle for losing weight and toning muscle. More importantly for me, Power 90 videos gave me a goal. 90 days, 3 short months. It provided a focus for my energy and gave me the drive when I felt like not doing it any particular day. And I did it. . . 90 days!

In my 90 days, I lost 19 Ibs. I lost 5. 5 inches off my waist, and 6 inches off my hips. I'll be honest, I had hoped to lose more in pounds, but when I realized I went from a size 14/16 to a size 8, I accomplished more than I had imagined. A size smaller than what I graduated high school with! Even more, I'm not satisfied yet. Power 90 has not only given me the goal, but the means of accomplishing my goal. I know I will continue to lose weight and inches, especially with the encouragement and support of those on the Beachbody Message Board, as well as the Yahoo one. Pulling teeth is gonna be cake with these Power 90 muscles! As the yahoo manta goes: Being fat is not an option. Just press play.

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