November 2002


All my life I have always been skinny and loved to eat junk food. Even after having my first son I left the hospital holding my pants up. I took for granted how quickly metabolism and my body could change. It was in 1999 when my husband, son and I moved to Italy. Within a month I found out I was pregnant. We were so full of joy; unfortunately I miscarried on mother's day. The doctors told me not to worry and to try again in a few months. When we did I got pregnant, I was excited but scared. Everything seemed to be going great. Until a month later when, once again, we thought I was miscarrying. The doctors checked me out and said that the baby was doing fine but to take it easy. Since I was paranoid of loosing the baby I didn't do anything. I sat around the house all day eating, watching TV and sleeping. The pounds began to pack on quickly. My second son was born in July, I was so happy but I was left with the nasty habit of eating horribly and being lazy I began to take care of everyone to feel better about myself. Yet what I had done was create the vicious cycle of caring for others instead of myself or how I looked. The worse I felt after looking in the mirror the more junk food I ate.

Last year while sitting around binging on chips and dip, I saw a Power 90 commercial. I was getting ready to change the channel but for some reason I couldn't. I sat there watching as the before and after pictures were showing. I began to wonder "Could this be for real, or is it one of those infomercial scams?" The more I watched the more I knew that the program they described really could work. So I told my husband that I wanted Power 90 for my birthday. When I got the videos I watched them and said "Cool I can do this! ", and I set them aside. I was uncertain if I had the strength to take control of my life. So a years worth of dust collected on my tapes.

Finally this year after my 29th birthday I really came to terms with how miserable I was. I no longer wanted to be fat or embarrassed with my body. I was tired of making sure that the clothes I wore hid my rolls. I wanted to go to the beach and not have to wear a bathing suit that looked like it was my grandmothers! So I dug out my Power90 tapes from the closet and bought some weights.

I remember the first work out I did. I was a little sore afterwards but I couldn't help thinking, "That was it?" It really wasn't that hard, especially for what I got out of it, and the more I did it the easier it got! When I started I weighed 127 lbs, so when I set my goals in the beginning of the program one was to weigh 115 lbs. Guess what? I had exceeded my goal! In the end I lost 20 lbs and 21. 5 inches in just 90 days! ! The most amazing part to me is the fact that I lost 8. 5 inches just in my waist! ! Do you realize just how quickly 90 days go by?

I wish I had known years ago how easy it would be. In such a short time I have seen so many changes. I have lost weight, formed muscles, and regained my self-esteem. I know that starting this program was the best thing I ever did for myself. Clothes that I haven't been able to wear in seven years fit again. But most importantly I have gotten in touch with who I am and I now have my confidence back. I never would have thought that I could look or feel this good, but I did it and all it took was just pushing play! ! Thank you Tony Horton for being such a wonderful instructor and for making working out fun! ! Thank you to my wonderful Beachbody friends from the boards! ! You were there for me in every way! ! Thank you to our fitness advisor, Steve Edwards, for all of my questions you answered! ! And of course thank you to the Beachbody staff for all of your hard work! ! Thank you guys I love you! !

Janna S.

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