September 2002


To Whom It May Concern:

Just wanted to start off with saying, thank you. The Slim in 6 program was a success for both myself and my wife, Angie. We had been talking about getting into shape and like most people, that is all that we were doing.

One day while doing some yard work I came in to eat some lunch, probably something fattening, and decided to see what was on the TV. While flipping though the channels I came across Debbie Siebers and the Slim in 6 program. It looked like something that both Angie and I could do together. It seems as if having two young children and both of us working – different hours of the day – that we didn't have the time together we both wanted. I told myself that this had to be a sign, so I picked up the phone and ordered the Slim in 6 video series. That is probably one of the most life changing calls I have ever made.

Even though I wasn't in horrible shape I knew I had to change. My main goal was to lower my body fat percentage. When I started the program my body fat was 19. 1% and my weight was 157. 5 lbs. After 8 weeks my body fat percentage was at 14. 4, below the goal of 15% that I had set, and my weight had decreased to 144. 5 lbs. I had gone from a 34" waist in pants to a 30" waist. I am now able to walk up 2 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing and I feel better, physically and mentally, than I have in several years.

I have now started a weight/cardio program with a goal of increasing my weight to 150-160 lbs. And my body fat to 10%. I am still doing the "Burn It Up" Video once or twice a week and will incorporate the Tai Fit video series that Angie ordered from Beachbody once it arrives.

We have both learned that if we ser our minds t it we can find the time for each other and have a healthier lifestyle in the process. Once again, thanks and hope to hear from you.

James C.

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