Deborah A.

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April 2002


My story:

"I just turned 29 and I realized that I feel better now than I did when I turned 18.

"My whole life I have been 20-40 pounds overweight. That may not sound too bad, but I have an extremely small frame, so the extra weight really shows. All through my school years I was always the girl who got picked last for any sport or game in gym. Whenever we'd run in gym, I was always dead last. I guess I always just accepted the fact that I was a weak person and would never be good at anything physical.

"In July of 2001 I ordered the P90. I wasn't very disciplined at first, and only did the workouts sporatically. It took a few months before I was really using the tapes every day, but even just using them a few times a week, I could see a difference. I was slowed down by an operation in September, but once I recovered by December I re-started doing P90. I also had a wedding date set for March 17th, so I also wanted to get into shape for my wedding day. I had high hopes, but I NEVER expected the results that I got.

"Now that I have reached my 90 days, it really amazes me when I look in the mirror and see definition in my arms, legs and stomach. I really honestly never ever thought I'd have visible muscles! When I first started, I could barely do one push-up. Even though I still have to do them using my knees, I can now almost keep up with "the kids". It's such a thrill to have so much energy and to feel STRONG. I know others have experienced this also, but it's mind blowing when it happens to you. "

Deborah A. (redheaddeb)

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