2003 Hawaii Trip

October 2002


My name is David, and I am a fat guy. Seriously now, this has been a great journey. I'm still very much a work in progress, but now I can see the muscle at the end of the fat. I have been, on average, about 30 pounds overweight my whole life, except for a few times when I got thoroughly disgusted and starved the weight off.

The first time was the summer between the 9th and 10th grades. I lost 40 pounds on starvation diet. I went an entire week once eating nothing but an apple and an orange a day. I managed to keep it off throughout high school, then the Marines kept if off for the next 3 years. Then came marriage and I gained about 30 pounds over the next few months (My, that woman could, and can, cook). Well, the years started rolling by, children came, and the 30 pounds became 40, then 50, and eventually 60. Throughout that time I dieted and jogged, lost 40 pounds 3 times and 20 pounds more times than I can count.

Three years ago, some rather large in the waist types at work and I, got a pool going to see who could lose the most weight. I went back into starvation mode, lost 40 pounds and won the pot. Then I got involved in a high stress business deal, and put it all back on (and more) as fast as I lost it.

I guess the main catalyst that motivated me to do something was my father and all the older males in my family. They all had heart attacks in their early sixties, spent the rest of their sixties sick and in and out of the hospital, and died in either their late sixties or early seventies. Given that context, at age 37 my life was more than half over. That is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you have small children. One day last fall, after an intense wrestling match, my four year old son, out of the blue, slapped my substantial gut and said, "Dad, you're fat" (Out of the mouths of babes. . . ).

Well, that did it. At that point I weighed 235. I started another starvation diet and had gotten down to 226 when one day flipping channels, I came across this infomercial, and the rest is history.

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