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To Whom It May Concern,

Well, there I was in my normal couch-potato style, lying on the sofa trying to get up the energy to get into the shower before work. I had been feeling tried, run down physically, mentally and just lacked energy. My entire body ached. I started to get concerned about my stomach, it was so distended and out of proportion with the rest of my body that I was concerned that I might be ill.

Then I saw the Power 90 advertisement. Unlike most weight loss/body shaping commercials, this one got my attention. I don't believe in the magic pill, machine or drink. I believe that getting in shape requires action, so to me, the Power 90 program passed the "common sense test" unlike the weight loss gimmicks and shaping machines. Now, maybe electrodes will indeed stimulate a muscle, but will it get the heart and blood pumping? I don't think so.

So I ordered the program and anxiously waited for its arrival. When I got the tapes, I snapped a before picture using my inexpensive web camera, not having any idea about the drastic transformation that was about to take place. Immediately I put in the first tape and went to work. Within a week, I was already feeling better and more energetic. My whole attitude changed because I knew I was doing myself good and the physical changes had already begun to take place.

After 30 days, I knew that I had made some nice progress, but it wasn't until I took my 30-day pictures and placed them side by side with my before pictures that I had I have any idea how much. My jaw dropped in amazement at the change. Everyone I showed these pictures to responded with a gasp. These pictures I took with my mega-pixel digital camera because I suspected I was on to something good!!! This gave me the extra motivation to keep going strong.

Each day I began to feel better and better - I became euphoric. People at work began telling me how great I looked and some asked why I was smiling all the time. I noticed little things, like I didn't have to hold my breath to tie my shoes. Getting out of bed no longer required swinging my legs off the side of the bed as a counterbalance to lift my torso without excruciating back pain. I could just sit right up and jump out of bed, and I felt light on my feet. This was truly unbelievable.

I never would have believed that 20 years of body abuse could be so quickly reversed. I didn't pay much attention to my weight and other measurements because my goal was to just feel better and look better, I never dreamed that I would feel tremendous and look great. I lost about 2Olbs., but with the gain in muscle weight, I am sure I lost much more weight in fat. I also feel like I have lost 20 years. I haven't felt this good since I was in my teens and early 20s. If anybody ever told me that I would look and feel better than I have ever felt in my life at the age of 45, I never would have believed them. The transformation was amazing.

I thought you might be interested in reading an excerpt from a post I made on the Yahoo Power 90 Club message board:

Last year my 15-year-old son insisted that I try surfing. So, I gave it a shot and became VERY discouraged. By the time I got past the breakers, I was so tired that I could hardly hang on to the board, never mind sit on it or stand up on it. The worst part was walking back on the beach trying to hide that basketball I kept under my skin.

After about 75 days of Power 90 ----- My first time out I actually beat my son out past the breakers and rode 3 waves!!!!!! One all the way to the shore where I fell off and landed in 2 inches of water on my back (ouch). The walk back to the towel, I held my head high and my chest out!! (My chest now extends well beyond my belly without holding my breath.)

Tell me this isn't worth every penny of the $59.95!!!!

This is a wonderful program that has affected my life in the past 90 days in such a positive way that words cannot describe. I am sure that this is just the start to a more healthy and happy life for me.

Thanks to all of you at Beachbody.com for making available a product that has so changed my life.

Jim Smith

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