Jeffrey & Karla B.

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2001 Hawaii Trip


Jeffrey's Statistics
Power 90
Before After
Chest 51 43
Waist 46 39
Hips 47 41
Right Thigh 21 20
Left Thigh 21 21
Right Bicep 17 15
Left Bicep 17 15
Karla's Statistics
Power 90
Before After
Chest 41 39
Waist 38 33
Hips 42 38
Right Thigh 23 21
Left Thigh 22 20
Right Bicep 13 12
Left Bicep 12 12

Dear Beachbody,

I'd like to start my letter by saying that the Power 90 Program changed my life! My wife and I started the program a little over 90 days ago and at the completion of the 90 days we couldn't believe the transformation that took place. This was the complete program! Not only did the Sculpting portion of the program give considerable results; the Cardio portion improved our heart rates and gave us a new zest for life.

Our story starts more than 90 days ago when my wife saw the infomercial on Power 90. Of course I was skeptical at first but I figured it couldn't hurt and I was grossly overweight. Since my wife and I work long hours and during the day my wife watches our two children plus five other children, we really didn't have a time when we could work out. She encouraged me to get up at 5:00 A.M. with her to do the workout. At first it was killer, but once we got into a routine, the program gave us a lot of energy to accomplish our daily tasks.

If there's any question about whether we were satisfied at the end of the 90 days; the numbers speak for themselves. My wife, Karla lost 4 pounds, 4 1/2inches from her waist and a total of 14 inches from her entire body! I lost 42 1/2 pounds, 6 1/2 inches from my waist, and 25 total inches from my body. My weight to start was 268 1/2 pounds and I got down to 226 pounds. My wife started at 186 pounds and she ended up at 182 pounds. You can see from our pictures that these numbers don't lie.

Tell Mr. Horton that he was a superb trainer and that he did a marvelous job teaching the exercises as well as pushing us. The only thing we need now is another set of tapes for after the 90 days!

Thanks again for your program and believe me, you did change lives!

Jeffrey R. Budz

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