Doug & Tammie F.

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2001 Hawaii Trip


Doug's Statistics
Power 90
Before After
Chest 42 40
Waist 38 33
Hips 40 33
Right Thigh 21 21
Left Thigh 21 21
Right Bicep 15 14
Left Bicep 15 14
Tammie's Statistics
Power 90
Before After
Chest 40 37
Waist 33 29
Hips 41 37
Right Thigh 20 19
Left Thigh 20 19
Right Bicep 12 11
Left Bicep 12 11

Dear Carl and Company,

We are so excited!!! Today is day 90 and we can't believe the transformation that has taken place over the past three months. My wife, Tammie (30 and a mother of two who was nursing during most of the program), and I (31) committed to doing Power 90 together and we love it. We feel we are in the best overall shape that we have both ever been in. From our physical health, endurance, flexibility, and stamina to our diet and positive image of ourselves. Our 4 year old even exercises with us and he loves it. Thank you for designing a program that is so convenient for us to do in our home. Working out at a health club doesn't fit into our schedule at all, but Power 90 does. It gives us the freedom to do something that truly works, right in our home.

We have included our day 1, day 30, day 60, and day 90 photos, along with our stats for each of those days. The overall results were impressive to us. Tammie lost 16 pounds and a total of 15 inches cumulated from each of the measurement areas. I lost 33 pounds and 17 1/2 total inches.

We followed the workout schedule religiously and ate mainly from the top three levels of Michi's Ladder. Once a week we would splurge on a meal that we craved. We also only took a multi-vitamin throughout the program. I began taking Creatine and a comparable Performance Formula at day 60. I noticed a tremendous difference taking the supplements after day 60. I had more energy and strength to extend my performance peaks through the workouts.

Around day 45, I had an overall physical that turned out great. When the nurse called me back with my blood work results, she said the doctor kept saying how my cholesterol levels were the most incredible he had seen for a while. My total cholesterol was 131, TRIGLYC. were 46, HDL was 52, LDL was 69, VLDL was 9. 1, and TC/HDL was 2.5. The overall program had a huge impact on those numbers. My last cholesterol count was taken over four years ago and it was 170.

With these great results, many of our friends and family have been so impressed that they are asking about what we are doing and several have ordered Power 90. We are having so much fun talking to people about what we are doing, and it is our goal to do all we can to maintain this level of fitness and health.

Again, thank you for the program.


Doug and Tammie Fitzgerald

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