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Dear Beachbody,

Hello my name is Doug Couch AKA on your web site as Madmack and Coach Couch. My wife, Tina, ordered the Power 90® tapes to get back in shape after our last child. I had a workout that I had failed at several times that I was about to begin. The summer before I was warming up for it and totally tweaked an already bad back on the very first day of the program (MRI available). That year was blown and as my 36th birthday passed I promised, like I always do on birthdays, to get in shape by my next birthday.

In July, I was getting ready to go in the garage and pound the big weights and I saw my wife doing the Power 90 tapes. I decided to try it even though it didn't look like much, and darn I couldn't believe it. I hit every muscle in 40 minutes and was wiped!

From there on I was committed to Power 90 and now by my 37th birthday, Sept 30, I'll be in the best shape of my life and I can't believe I will have done it in 90 days. I'll be done Sept 21, a day before Hawaii. By then I will have lost between 40-45 lbs.!!! The worst, and a warning for all guys doing this workout, is that you'll have to do the dreaded clothes shopping because after 90 days your clothes won't fit anymore.

I have a ton of great stories. Here are a few samples:

Around day forty my daughter came up and said, "why are you always sucking your tummy in now?" Daddy wasn't...yeah baby.

Going back to school (work) after not seeing anyone for two months and it seemed like almost every single teacher came up to me and said "how in the world did you do that?"...and I was only on day 60-something. A few teachers have asked me to start an after school program for them, doing Power 90. They saw me and now they want the same results. A few days after the teachers came, the students came. My players came back to school and said "Coach you got skinny, you can run with us now." The reactions I have been getting are unbelievable. Woman have been giving me all kinds of attention...Power 90® is amazing.

One day I was sitting there looking at my four year old daughter and I asked my wife how much she weighed. My wife said 32 pounds and I said, "OH my god!" I realized that I lost her in fat. I had lost, at that point, exactly 32 lbs...a whole little girl...wow.

Even better is when someone doesn't recognize you at first because of the weight you've lost or does a double-take.

I am a spokesman. Everyday someone asks me what I have done and I tell them. I am a walking billboard. People see my photos (on your website) and constantly email me for info and inspiration. Here are a couple of samples of the letters I get:


I wanted to tell you I am totally inspired by your posts. You are knowledgeable...without overbearing. Fun to read...without wasting my time. Successful....and honest. Way to go!!!!! Another who knows the power of the Power 90® program!!!!!!!

ok...stop gloating....smile

warm wishes and cool breezes


I love trying to help them (letting them know that I am in the same boat and not an expert); it gives me motivation. I have had nothing but positive feedback.

Well, having a bad back was a concern, but after doing Power 90 I feel great. My back is thanking me for taking all that belly fat off. I don't pant anymore walking up the stairs. Something that really bothered me was at basketball practice. I would always have to sit down halfway through practice because I would get tired standing–just standing. That's sad. Now I want to get in with them and mix it up. My feet don't ache anymore thank god..oops, I mean Power 90.

I have been considering using Power 90 for preseason basketball conditioning. We usually do it outdoors on the track, but with the national heat conditioning problems lately, I feel I can do it indoors with Power 90 and achieve the same result, but in shorter time and most importantly, out of the desert heat.

Anyway, I would like the opportunity to share my story. I would also like a Power 90 shirt so every time someone asks me (Which is everyday) what I did, I can just point to the 90 on the shirt. Power 90 is awesome!

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