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To My New Friends At Beachbody,

Wow! Seeing is believing! Finally a program that actually does what it promises to do. Check it out... do I look great or what? Power 90 really delivered the goods! And it delivered them to me!!!

As a 47 year old singer with a bad back, I was getting that middle-aged spread (you know...the gut and the love handles). Even though I did regular exercise, I was unable to lose the fat around the middle. But thanks to Beachbody and Power 90, look at me now...no gut, no love handles, no fat -- just great abs, pecs, legs, arms, everything! I even have plenty of energy, I eat healthier, and my mental state is so much better.

You know, I ordered this program with the greatest skepticism. Everybody knows that people lie, especially on TV ads and infomercials. I've been disappointed so many times by products that make all kinds of claims and never live up to them. As a matter of fact I was so skeptical when I ordered your program that I decided to put your product to the test by suspending all of my usual exercise regimen, including working out at my gym. I decided to do only the Power 90 In-Home Boot Camp using just the dumbbells, the video with Tony Horton, the diet program guidelines and the Power 90 supplements. And I made sure I did nothing else.

I wanted to prove without a doubt that doing only your program really would give me the results you promised. And, if it didn't, I would demand my money back. Well, 90 days later, all I can say is that I was not disappointed, I am no longer a skeptic, and I don't want my money back! As a matter of fact, I've been promoting the program to quite a few people back here in Philadelphia.

Everyone has noticed the change in my physique. How could they not notice? I shed 22 lbs. of fat. I went from a 34" waist to a 29" waist. I have a "washboard" stomach and a butt you can bounce a golden dollar off of! And equally impressive, my resting heart rate has gone from 84 beats/min. to 68 beats/min. All this for someone in their late 40's with back trouble! Who could ask for more in just 90 days?

Until now I have not been able to build up my upper body the way I would like because of a disc problem in my back. I've been worried for years about aggravating the problem by lifting anything above my waist. But with Tony's guidance concerning the proper stance when lifting and by using the alternate exercises, stretching and yoga that you include in the videos, I have been able to strengthen my back enough to do all of the regular exercises used in the videos with no adverse effect on my back. I even wake up in the morning now without the stiffness and pain in my lower back. After 25 years of problems, this is really incredible. It's still hard for me to believe!

Bravo! to everyone at Beachbody. I now have a great start in building the lean muscle mass that I have always wanted. And I can use the Power 90 program's cardio training techniques, strength training techniques, and diet & nutrition guidelines to continue to build more lean muscle until I reach my goals.

I hope to meet you all someday so that I can personally shake your hands and say, Thanks! You're awesome. And now, thanks to your program and some hard work at my end, I'm pretty awesome, too!

Bill Young

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