December 2001


Wow! This has been such a journey! ! I have always been relatively thin. In high school, weight was a non-issue. Same story in college, only, I became aware that my body was changing and it would take exercise to keep in shape. So, aerobics became a part of my routine. I married before I graduated and began to "fill out" a little. Never anything out of hand. I was always able to lose a few pounds if we were going on vacation or something. After two children, it started getting more difficult to lose those "few" pounds whenever I needed to. Up and down, up and down. . . it was a constant cycle. A few months ago, I realized that saying to myself, 'at least I can still get these jeans buttoned' was a big excuse. I was getting more miserable by the day. Having to buy some spandex underthings was the last straw. . .

then, I saw the infomercial! It looked fun. It looked do-able. I made the call. . . and my tapes arrived in short order. I looked them over and made my plan. . . I'd start on Monday.

The first week was sooooo hard. I was sooo sore. But I was determined. After about 45 days and seeing some results, I discovered the message boards here. With the coaxing of other "september newbies", I knew I would finish this thing. And I have, and I am excited. I have lost 12 pounds, 13. 75 inches. . . I am so much stronger, and my energy is so much higher.

I'd like to thank the creators of this program for something fun, challenging, and for something that works. Thanks also to Tony for his enthusiasm, and motivation. And thanks to the September group, for being great friends to get through this with.

I cant wait to see how much more I can accomplish with this program.

Laura (a. k. a. paintchick on the message boards)

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