Cindie A.

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2001 Hawaii Trip

August 2001


Hi...I'm Cindie Andrews. I've just completed the Power90 program. My before and after pictures speak for themselves!!!! I've lost a total of 25 inches and 40 pounds....

My weight gain was a slow increase over the past 10 years. When I saw the advertisement for Power90, I thought, "How can 90 days take off 10 years of weight gain?!!" I had tried many different exercise programs with little to no results. After seeing other people's success stories, I was somewhat inspired....and the money back guarantee enticed me....I then thought, why not give it a try....maybe it will work!!! I ordered the tapes and little did I know, I was well on my way to changing my life forever!!!

I have to say, it wasn't easy at first. I struggled throughout the first month with less results than I was hoping for. I didn't give up because Tony Horton motivated me to not quit and give him a 90 day commitment. My second month I started to see some dramatic changes in me. My stamina, flexibility, strength, energy level were significantly increasing!! I started to feel better than I had felt in a long time, and was actually fitting into clothes that I hadn't worn in years!!!!

The most exciting results for me happened in the last 30 days of the program.....dropping a total of 6 dress sizes at that point!!!!

Power90 is a terrific program and I've been telling everybody about it!!!! My life is changed forever...thanx to Tony Horton. I hope you will share my story so that I can make a difference in someone else's life.

Cindie A.

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