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Tony Horton

The start of a new year brings a brand new outlook—a desire to change for the better. Optimism reigns, while negativity cowers . . . temporarily. It's almost impossible not to have some sort of newfound hope and energy come January 1st. We look for ways to step it up, so it's out with the old and in with the new. Bad habits and vices are put on hold, while plans to improve unfold. This ritual has been going on since the beginning of time. We use the start of the new year to sweep our mistakes and shortcomings under the rug, so we can begin to work on becoming better people. We look at this fresh start as a means to become better humans, happier, healthier, more productive humans. Most New Year's resolutions are personal. We look inside, search for flaws, and make plans to improve ourselves. We want to exercise more because we know it's the right thing to do. Some will stop smoking "for real" this time. These are "I, me, mine" resolutions.

Not that there's anything wrong with this, but most people's ME intentions and resolutions rarely get past March 1st. There are exceptions, and we've seen plenty of them right here in Beachbody Land. Hundreds of thousands of people have started their health and fitness journeys with Power 90® or P90X®, and keep on going. Thousands are now reaping the benefits from building their Beachbody businesses. I salute you! I'd like to propose that you also try a little something else this year. I'd like you to consider being a better human being by helping other human beings. Instead of looking inward, how about going outside of the ME box and see if you can find someone or maybe a group of people to help? Rumor has it that altruism is the easiest and fastest way to find inner peace, happiness, joy, and purpose. Serve others, and in turn, you serve yourself. When it's not about you, the pressure to change your life vanishes. Make this year's resolution count for something by helping someone other than yourself.

If you want satisfaction from your resolution, then I recommend finding an organization that needs your help. Real charity work changes the world. When you change the world, you change yourself. It takes more than writing a check to Everything from TreePeople (they plant trees) to church groups who help the homeless, I'm talking about seeking a cause and making contact with the people who need the help or the folks out in the field doing the work. Do you care about animals, the environment, clean local parks, or rehab for veterans coming back from Iraq? The really cool thing is that when you get involved with charities, you're not obligated 7 days a week like you are with personal resolutions. Most organizations just need help two or three times a month. Do yourself and the planet a favor and see if you can focus less on ME and more on WE.

How you act (or don't act) through the process of getting fit is equally important. There's a fine line between a humble person who works hard and is proud of his or her results and someone else who shouts from the rooftops pleading for others to notice him or her. This "look at me" routine is part of the ego-fest that can jeopardize your long-term health and fitness, because it's based more on your need to be seen and less on your desire to be healthy. Turn off the act; be in the moment; listen to what's really happening; stop looking for approval; and believe that your own health, fitness, and quality of life are far more important than the dog and pony show of scales, tape measures, "after" photos, and how you want to be perceived by others who could care less.

Tony H.


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