#178 Holiday Success Secrets

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"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success."

Henry Ford

A 10-Point Plan for Holiday Diet Success
Give your body something to cheer about
By Steve Edwards

Good ole "holiday cheer" doesn't always leave you feeling cheerful, especially when you can't fit into your little black dress for New Year's Eve. Here's a simple 10-step plan to make your New Year's something to celebrate. Let's start with the big picture and then count down towards a healthy 2006.

10. Visualize. Your first step won't take long. In fact, do it right now, before reading step 9. Close your eyes for a moment and visualize yourself in a place you want to be sometime next year. This is a fantasy, so make it a good one. Imagine looking and feeling a way you've always dreamed of. Now hold on to that vision.

9. Target an event for next year. Think of something to focus on as a day for looking and/or feeling and/or performing your best. It can be anything from a class reunion to a triathlon to a trip to Cancun. Your goal is to find something to look forward to that will motivate you to improve between now and then.


Plan a training program. Begin by finding a monthly calendar and figure out how much time you have until your event. Next, make a loose training program. You don't have to decide exactly what to do right now. Maybe start with progress you'd like to make each month leading to the event. Then either pick an exercise program (or series of programs) that will help you achieve your goals over that time.

Be realistic. It might be difficult for you to focus on exercise and diet through the holidays, so you might want to schedule yourself a bit of flexibility for now. At this point, your aim is to plant a seed in your mind to keep you focused on a bigger goal as you go through the holidays. This little extra bit of motivation will be enough to keep your holidays from becoming one long binge.

7. Better to give than to receive. It's time to get busy. You've planted an image of success in your mind and on paper. Now you've got to get practical. Just how are you supposed to stick with an exercise program when temptation looms around every corner? Start by becoming proactive about the season. Become a giver. Instead of letting the holiday festivities come to you, where you'll have little control over them, plan them yourself. Organize your Thanksgiving dinner, help out with the company Christmas party, or plan your friends' New Year's get-together. If you're the organizer, you have a lot of control over the relative healthiness of the event. You must be reasonable, of course. You won't get the gig again if you turn Thanksgiving dinner into a tofu-and-broccoli Zenfest, but being in charge allows you to make healthy options available. Plus, you'll be busy, allowing less time for indulgences.

6. Learn to cook. The easiest way to eat healthy is to cook food yourself because you know exactly what's in it. There is a wealth of information out there about healthy cooking. Once you start, you might find it easier than you ever thought to cook decadent yet healthy meals.

5. Plan to snack. Let's face it, over the next month your workplace is going to be filled with temptation. Willpower alone might not be enough. Since the easiest way to avoid these things is to be full, plan to snack throughout your day. Head to the market and fill your cart with healthy snacking options like fruit and raw veggies. Okay, this probably sounds boring, but these foods are loaded with fiber, fill you up, and have very few calories. A large apple has about the same number of calories as a tiny square of chocolate. By forcing yourself to munch on fruits and veggies all day, your stomach will be full and you'll be far less likely to dig into the Christmas cookies. And if/when you do, it will be far, far easier not to overdo it.

4. Drink water all day long. To ensure that your stomach stays full, drink a glass of water an hour during work when temptation lingers. This will not only keep you from becoming famished, it will keep you hydrated, which will also help reduce the effects of that après-work holiday cheer, alcohol.

3. Rise and shine! Begin each day with a few minutes devoted to yourself. Lie in bed, breathe, visualize, and contemplate your goals. By focusing each morning on something that you really want, you'll get out of bed with a better outlook on the day. You'll then be more apt to make positive choices throughout the day.


How to eat your holiday meals. You're almost certainly going to overeat, but here are a few rules you can follow to stack the odds in favor of your figure:

  • Drink a large glass of water 30 minutes prior to the meal.

  • Begin with a salad. Go light on the dressing, and eat as much as you can. You probably see a pattern from the office but, again, water and fiber are going to fill space in your stomach and make it much harder to overeat.

  • Don't be shy. These meals were meant to be social and the more you talk and listen, the less you'll eat. Have you ever had a meal where you've been so involved in a conversation that you've forgotten to eat? Try making it a goal.


What to do when you've "blown it." Because at some point we all do. And you know what? It just doesn't matter. If we were perfect, life would be boring, right? Anyway, one day isn't going to hurt you. What you need to avoid is one day turning into two, then three, and so on. So on those days you've regressed, try this nighttime ritual that will have those little gaps of willpower vanquished before you wake up:

  • Have a cup of herbal tea or drink a glass of water before bed. Herbal tea is great. It's both hydrating and calming. If you've been drinking alcohol and fear a hangover, take vitamins and drink some electrolytes (P90X® Peak Recovery Formula works well). Don't worry about calories at this point. Offsetting the effects of alcohol is more important. Most hangover effects are from dehydration and lack of sleep. You need nutrients and water to fight them off.

  • Stretch. A few minutes of slow and easy stretching will relax you and begin your recovery process from that day's activities. A scant two minutes is a million times better than no minutes.

  • Relax and reflect. Lie in bed, focus on relaxed breathing, and take a minute to reflect on yourself, your future, and then let it go. Don't think too much. You don't want to get excited because you might lose your ability to sleep. You just want to center your thoughts and get them away from your negative associations of "blowing it." Tomorrow, as Miss Scarlett says, is another day.

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5 Ways to Get More Fat-Fighting Fiber
By Monica Ciociola

Fiber's much more than just a way to stay regular. It also helps us lose weight by making us feel satisfied and keeping unhealthy cravings at bay. The U.S. Department of Health recommends a dietary fiber intake of 20 to 35 grams per day, but the average American is only getting about half that amount. Blame all of today's overprocessed and refined foods.

So I'd like to propose that people everywhere start their day with a tall glass of golden, delicious Metamucil. Well, actually, no. Unlike our parents' generation, we can get all the benefits of Metamucil without paying the chalky, gritty costs. Here are five easy, pleasant, and painless ways to add more fat-fighting fiber to your diet:

  • Breakfast. Choose the regular, slow-cooking kind of oatmeal over most cereal. Beware of cereals labeled "crunchy" or "frosted" or that have sugar listed as the first ingredient. If you do start your day with cereal, look for whole grain as the first ingredient: whole wheat, whole oats, or rye.

  • Fruits. Go for the whole fruit instead of fruit juice; not only is it more satisfying, it contains all the beneficial fiber that's left behind when juice is extracted from the whole fruit.

  • Breads. Choose 100% whole grain breads with at least 3 grams of fiber instead of processed, refined bread.

  • Side dishes. It's better to pay up for high-fiber, nutrient-rich brown rice instead of settling for processed, refined white rice.

  • Snacking. Raw fruits and veggies are best; but nuts and seeds are also loaded with fiber and will leave you feeling satisfied, though they're high in calories and fat, so watch your portions. Stay away from potato chips, cookies, and candy, all of which have little nutritional value and won't fill you up.

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