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2003 Hollywood Trip


Kimmahs' Story

How many times had you ended the week saying, "Next week is going; to be different!"! Well considering that there are 52 weeks in a year, I probably said it around 104 times in the two years span after my son was born. I was never "thin" but I always had a body to turn a couple of heads and stop a couple of men in their tracks. I used to call it curvaceous but after I had my son my 132lb curvaceous body turned to a 198lb slab of fat. I wish someone had told me that eating anything you wanted, when you wanted while you were pregnant would insure my "overweight" status after childbirth! Who knew!

I had been battling Bulimia since my freshman year in high school. Before Beachbody the longest I had gone without binging and purging was during my pregnancy and while I breastfeeding my son. I new I had to do something to get rid of the weight since I have never "truly dieted properly" I wasn't sure where to start! And I knew going back to my old habit would be dangerous for both my son and I!!!!

Well, my life began take o n the domino effect. It just seemed like everything started; collapsing at once. My sons father decided that be didn't like the "heavier" me and abruptly ended the relationship and months later my mother died of breast cancer. Talk about a spiral out of control! I was losing control of my life and had to figure it out QUICKLY! I had a baby to take care of; I had to take care of and I really felt like I had something to prove to the world.

Enter Tony Horton! Of course, I first found Beachbody through the infomercials like everyone else! I don't know if it was his adorable face or ridiculously ripped abs, but I was just drawn to him! A face like that wouldn't lie right! I ordered the tapes immediately and as soon as I got them I popped those puppies in and they started working their magic!

I have completed 2 rounds (1 3/4ths really) of Power 90, 2 rounds of Slim N 6 and I am now working on the Slim Series, which is AMAZING! I have incorporated all of my Beachbody products into my fitness regimen; so even if I am not doing rounds, I am working out regularly.

My post pregnancy weight was 198lbs. My current weight is I31lbs!!!!! Even though I am thrilled with the weight I have lost, it is nothing in comparison to the mental changes that I have made along (he way. Some people might not believe it but there is something about losing weight that makes you feel like you can do anything. Through my mental and PHYSICAL transformations I had blossomed from a caterpillar to a butterfly and I have Beachbody, Tony Horton and Debbie Siebers to thank for mat!

Thank you for changing my life,


PS I was too embarrassed to take a photo of me in a swim suit pre-Beachbody! I do however have one taken before round one of Slim in 6!

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