Follow these TurboFire®
tips for great results.

Learn all of the TurboFire moves in this, the first of 14 classes you'll receive. Chalene will teach you the correct form and move combinations so you can start off on the right foot.

Get started now with the complete first workout!

  • Give yourself a head start. Watch the Fire Starter Class!
  • Take your "before" pictures and chart your measurements before breaking a sweat. That way you can celebrate your full success.
  • Even missteps burn calories, so just have fun and keep moving!
  • Set realistic weight loss goals.
  • Schedule a class time and commit to Keep Pushing Play.
  • Why deny yourself an occasional treat?
    Just count the calories, move more, and move on.

Here's what other people had to say
about the Fire Starter Class:


  • Debra P.

    "Seeing Chalene break down the moves made it easy for me to keep up from day one with TurboFire."
    —Debra P., Beachbody® Employee

  • Erin K.

    "Watching this video helped me get great results from all the TurboFire workouts." —Erin K., Beachbody® Employee

  • Jennifer B.

    "I'm no dancer—that's why watching this video was so helpful."
    —Jennifer B., Beachbody® Employee

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