Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Get ready to fire up your results with the next level of Turbo Jam!

Chalene and her crew are back with more of the Turbos, more intense kickboxing and body-sculpting moves, and more fun—all set to the hottest new music! These advanced, targeted workouts will melt away the last bit of fat and put the finishing touches on your lean, sexy physique. Plus, you'll get 2 new calorie-blasting workouts and 2 FREE sculpting tools, Chalene's amazing Turbo Sculpting Band to accelerate your toning and fat-burning results, and her Thigh Toning Band to get a sexy and shapely lower body. Just click YES below now!

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Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - You get 3 explosive new workouts!
Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Fat Blaster screenshot

Fat Blaster

Need to drop weight fast? Fat Blaster is the quick and easy solution. It's packed with the best part of Turbo Jam—the Turbos! These fast-paced intervals will literally melt away the fat, giving you a firmer, leaner body you'll want to show off. (30 minutes)

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - 3T screenshot


This Totally Tubular Turbo workout features innovative new body-sculpting moves to shape lean, sexy muscles from head to toe! And with your FREE Turbo Sculpting Band you'll have trim, toned arms and thighs and ripped, flat abs in less time! (35 minutes)

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Cardio Party Mix 3 screenshot

Cardio Party Mix

Keep the party going with more of everything you love— kickboxing, body-slimming and sculpting moves, hot music, and most of all, fun! Chalene and her crew fire up your calorie-blasting results so you carve tight, ripped abs. (50 minutes)

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Lower Body Jam screenshot

Lower Body Jam

Chalene will help you get the lean, sexy thighs and buns you've always wanted. (30 minutes)

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Cardio Party Mix 2 screenshot

Cardio Party Mix 2

A maximum calorie-blasting dance fest set to the hottest dance music. (45 minutes)

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Plus 2 FREE gifts to keep!
Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Turbo Sculpting Band

Turbo Sculpting Band

Get even faster fat-burning and muscle-toning results by using your resistance band with your 3T workout.

Turbo Jam Fat Burning Elite - Thigh Toning Band

Thigh Toning Band

For better toning and sculpting results, use your toning band with your Lower Body Jam workout.