The shift shop™ workout

The 3-week rapid rebuild

Coming July 2017

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Introducing the shift shop

Rebuild your body Reinvent your life

It doesn’t matter where you came from. Or where you’ve been. You can always reinvent yourself. And when you have someone like Chris Downing training you—someone who genuinely cares about you and your goals—the sky’s the limit. In 3 weeks, he’s going to take you from where you are now toward where you want to be.

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Why the shift shop works

Your 3-week
rapid rebuild


Using his cutting-edge ramp effect, Chris starts you off with shorter workouts to help you stay focused and committed—without burning you out.


Just as your body adapts, Chris ups the level of activity and intensity just enough to continue to accelerate your endurance and your results.


Chris cranks up everything for the last time, ultimately shifting your body from the one you had 3 weeks ago to one that’s significantly faster, stronger, and leaner.

Because the program is just 3 weeks, you can easily fit it into your schedule. This is your shift. The one you’ve been talking about. You can do this.

The SHIFT SHOP ramp effect, as the intensity increases, so do your results

Meet the shift shop trainer

Chris Downing

Chris Downing is a proven personal trainer who has just one goal in sight: to help you accelerate the change you've always wanted. As creator of the Shift Shop fitness program, Chris’ engaging, motivation-based approach helps you grow stronger both physically and mentally. It's about so much more than helping you just get fit and lose weight. It's about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself. Chris encourages you to envision what you want to look like and accomplish THAT. He takes the most results-driven training methods—effective for everyone from pro and amateur athletes to the everyday gym-goer—and tailors them to help you achieve a significant total-body transformation. This includes shorter workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn calories fast, and lose fat, while still increasing your strength. Whether it's agility training, premium weight-loss moves, or the ultimate abs workout—prepare to burn fat and reshape your physique at lightning speed—all while being powered by Chris' personal philosophy: Love. Empower. Inspire.

Chris Downing