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JON CONGDON Day 1 and Day 90
JON CONGDON AGE: 40 | President, Beachbody

P90X took my body from okay and fit to "whoa." The thing about Muscle Confusion is that while you're going through the program you're just off-balance enough for the whole 90 days that you never settle into a plateau. It's 100% efficiency. My balance is now great; my flexibility is great. I'm stronger than ever before. You can look at the pictures and say, that guy's ripped. But everything about you is better, physically and mentally.

CARL DAIKELER Day 1 and Day 90
CARL DAIKELER AGE: 41 | CEO, Beachbody

As the CEO of Beachbody, the maker of P90X, I can tell you from my own experience that it's possible to completely transform your body in just 90 days. I wasn't in bad shape before P90X but wanted to know what I could achieve if I get up off my butt and go for it. Each week, I felt stronger. Things I struggled with one week were easier the next week. I feel 20 years younger. Now I wonder why I didn't have this body in high school!

AMANDA B. Day 1 and Day 90
AMANDA B. AGE: 25 | Ripped software geek

I was an athlete in high school and college, and I could eat anything I wanted and burn it off in the game. But when I graduated, with my awful eating habits, I put on some weight. I went from being called couch potato and video game junkie to now being called ripped thanks to P90X.

DAVID C. Day 1 and Day 90
DAVID C. AGE: 42 | Lost 30% body fat

I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of my involvement in Desert Storm and had really let myself go physically. My wife told me about P90X. I couldn't believe the reactions I was getting from friends and family from my amazing results. All I needed was a set of dumbbells and a chin-up bar. My cholesterol dropped 54 points in 90 days, and I'm now off antidepressants.

KATIE V. Day 1 and Day 90
KATIE V. AGE: 24 | Got ripped for her wedding

I wanted to look good in my wedding dress for my big day. A week after P90X I started seeing results. Not bulky or like a bodybuilder, I just looked more toned and still looked feminine. On day 90, my wedding day, I looked great and received tons of compliments. I felt empowered like this is a day to celebrate.

DORUK I. Day 1 and Day 90
DORUK I. AGE: 31 | Lost 40 lbs.

As a professional athlete, I was a little bit snobby and looked to see what was wrong with P90X but found that it made perfect sense and couldn't find any problems with it. I became this super-fit guy. P90X takes away all the questions and gives you a guaranteed-bullet-proof program.

DERYL W. Day 1 and Day 90
 DERYL W. AGE: 38 | Police officer who lost 6 in. off his waist

I'm the deputy sheriff in Memphis, Tennessee. The academy repeatedly tells us how important physical fitness is in law enforcement. I tried P90X and found the workouts to be a blast. They are actually fun. P90X has given me the strength and the stamina to do my job. Being physically fit portrays a better image to the community and gives them more confidence in us to serve and protect them.

TONY B. Day 1 and Day 90
TONY B. AGE: 56 | Healthier than in his 20s

I'm Tony, also known to the Beachbody community as XRAYMAN. I'm 56 years old. Three years ago, I had a heart attack. That was a rude awakening for me and a turning point for me to take the challenge to become a P90X explorer. I had astounding results. The program was a perfect balance of hard work and calmness. I'm pretty cut for a 56-year-old dude! P90X has given me the tools to be healthy and fit for the rest of my life.

JERRY D. Day 1 and Day 90
JERRY D. AGE: 45 | Lost 40 pounds and 7 in. off his waist

I thought I was limited by my genetics. I hadn't considered videos before, but I ordered P90X and was floored by my results. P90X had the intensity to stimulate my body change. I never thought in a million years I'd get into this kind of shape and learn how to lead a fit lifestyle so I can be fit for the rest of my life.

JILL W. Day 1 and Day 90
JILL W. AGE: 24 | Lost over 50% of her total body fat

I had extra skin and stretch marks from having children and was losing hope. I didn't want to accept that I had to live with this post-baby body. I'm so happy I ordered P90X. Yes, I now have a flat tummy, but I also have better blood pressure, better cholesterol and I'm in better shape, the full package! It's an amazing feeling of accomplishment, and I'm thrilled with how I look.

ROD M. Day 1 and Day 90
Rod M. AGE: 40 | Former Army Airborne Ranger

I was about to turn 40 and was in the worst shape of my life. I used to be an army ranger and paratrooper, and back then being physically fit was a way of life. When I ordered P90X, I was very excited to regain that discipline. I was doing push-ups and pull-ups and kenpo karate, even yoga. About 2 weeks in, I started seeing results. My friend thought I was benching 250 pounds, and I remember telling him, all I have are two 25-pound dumbbells. And here, in my living room, I'm getting better results than ever.

Results vary depending upon personal starting point and effort. Results achieved following the P90X program of diet and exercise.


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